As John Henry Newman said so well, "University educates the intellect to reason well for all threads, to store and assimilate the truth." This process is impossible if there is no clear endeavour- translated into specific actions- to research. In other words, a university which does not foster research betrays itself; only through research can new knowledge be created.


Those of us who work at Universidad Panamericana double our efforts to foster our core activity as an institution of higher education. We have consolidated the bases so that, we not only carry out research, but we do so within the coordinates of our identity.



Lines of Inquiry

Under these guidelines, and considering the reach of our resources- material and human- UP has targeted four strategic areas which frame our research: Public Policy, Business, Family, and Health.


"The University should contribute", said  in 1967 St Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei and promoter of Universidad Panamericana "from a position of prime importance to human progress." We are convinced that this contribution is only possible thanks to the dedicated and generous research of our academic staff.

Opinion on currents events and issues

Here we showcase topics of interest to society, which are capable of being analyzed by UP researchers. From the perspective of their different disciplines, they offer their opinions on current events or issues.


These opinions are the responsibility of the author and may not necessarily represent the stance of Universidad Panamericana.



Publicaciones y Temas

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