Frequently asked questions

Open University
Frequently asked questions

1.How much time does it take to finish the major?

R. It depends on how much time you put into it. It can be finished in three to five years.

2. When do courses start?

R. We have three quarters per year: January, May, September. The quarter when you will start depends on your enrollment date.

3. How many subjects can I have each quarter?

R. One to seven subjects depending on the time you will spend on your major.

4. Can I stop studying for a quarter?

R. If you stop studying at least one subject, you will have to drop courses and come back the next quarter without any economic sanction.

5. Can I pay online?

R. As soon as you are enrolled, you will have an account to which you will be able to transfer your payments for enrollment and for each subject.

6. How often is enrollment paid?

R. Every quarter.

7. Will my degree specify that I studied at Open University or only at Universidad Panamericana?

R. At UP only.

8. Do I have to go to UP at some point or can I do everything online?

R. You can do everything online. It is not necessary for you to come.

9. Will you upload to the platform all the necessary material?

R. Yes.

10. Can I always have the same tutors?

R. No. It is important that you know many of them and their different styles. Each one of them is a specialist in their area.

11. Will I have access to UP Employment Exchange?

R. Yes.

12. Could I participate as a regular student in all the UP activities?

R. Yes. 

13. As alumnus, will I still recieve inviatations and news?

R. Yes, we have a special area to give attention to graduates.

14. How many years to finish the major?

R. It depends on the number of courses you take; if you take 4 courses each cycle, you will finish in 4 years.

15. Can my computer be a MAC?

R. Yes, there is no problem with that.

16. Online, can I take my courses one after another or do I need to take them all at the same time?

R. It depends on how you get organized, it is important that you know that there are dates to begin and end each requested subject and you will have to adjust to this time once the course is requested. 

17. What happens if I don't finish a course during the time specified?

R. You will have to request it again and take it again with the corresponding payment.