Open University

Through our online or distance learning system, we make our program available from the comfort of your home or company so that you take advantage of your time and obtain an undergraduate degree with the prestige of UP.


The Open University allows those who due to their professional development and personal occupations cannot study in a traditional way (having daily face to face classes) to obtain an undergraduate certificate.


This program helps those professionals who wish to have a more solid perspective and preparation than that acquired when having only one degree.


It facilitates management of basic, middle and higher education institutions by bringing within reach the characteristic degrees of directors of learning centers or institutions of higher learning.


It provides the opportunity of developing middle and senior managers of companies which consider people their most important asset.






  • Personalized courses through our online platform
  • Monitoring by a professor throughout the major
  • Ongoing assistance in your online assignements
  • Personalized curriculum



Universidad Panamericana's online educational model is centered in students and in autonomous learning processes in which professors have a fundamental role to accomplish the objectves established in the curriculum.

We have two models:


1. Distance learning: offers online tutoring to those students who cannot attend face-to-face sessions due to personal or professional motives, students who live outside Distrito Federal or Mexico and who wish to study by distance learning.


The open system of the University demands that students have online tutoring sessions, that they go into the Moodle platform to upload their activities and participate in each course interactive forums.


2. Hybrid method: offers tutoring at UP facilities with a designated professor expert on the subject. During the final period, students must hand in final projects and take a test to pass the course.


Tutoring is a flexible method through which students can recieve a guide with specialist professors on the subject. The working methodology within Open University distance learning systems has a quarterly plan which includes two or three subjects according to students availability.