Open University

Antonio Andreu Galván


"At UP Open University I found the ideal place for my academic education. The program's coordinators, tutors, subjects, and the rest of its elements contributed to the teaching-learning processes. Due to my personal project, the program's flexibility was something crucial for me to be able to finish it. What I learnt is being useful to do my thesis.



Thank you."


"I am studying the first subject of the degree in philosophy at Open University. My academic career has been formative and enriching not only with respect to knowledge; I have been able to expand my professional horizons in areas I would have never imagined such as research. UP also offers a genuine personal attention, a human development that gets you involved with its identity both in its mission and in its vision which is the most desirable value that makes it stand out as an educational intitution consolidated and committed to the development of leaders".

Jaime Santa Ana Tello

"Being an OU student is to feel the excitement and possibility towards knowledge again. However, in this case it is within such a deep system which is not found today in any other course, diploma course or even master's program studying from my home.




Our faculty take their responsibility and our performance seriously. This reflects on people qualities, their professional profiles, their materials, their tutoring sessions and the formality of their treatment. This also means that the program demands seriousness and hard work from students so that the correct understanding of ideas is assured.


I am a philosophy student and with what I have learnt here I have grately improved my fundamental managing skills such as communication and negotiation. I am already an engineer. OU gives me the possibility to be a better human being which goes beyond any business or professional topic".

José Guillermo Marchand Moreno

"Studying at UP Open University has been of great help in many aspects. The major of philosophy online has taught me in deepth (with very good readings) philosophy's great topics and thinkers. I have had a very good experience because the platform is easy to use and everything is well organized and understandable. As I said, I have liked all the readings that I have been assigned; all the courses I have studied have been exciting and professors are always willing to help and answer questions. All the professors I have been assigned have been excellent, with a spirit to help and answer my questions, doing more than they are supposed to do for a regular job and above all, of great knowledge. Personally, this way of studying has helped me a lot. For me, philosophy is increasingly inspiring and I understand it better".

Noemí Kimico Sakaguchi Chávez

"Throughout my studies I have been able to learn many things. One of my great passions is helping others and thanks to this major and the education that the University gives to its students, I have discovered a new way to help others through education.




A pedagogue not only works with children; he or she can help a great variety of people: in a school, in a family, in a community, in a company, in the media, etc.


In my personal life and in my job, studying pedagogy has helped me reinforce people's talent, create new working methods by searching effective and efficient answers and encouraging the habit to study".

Luz del Carmen Gpe. Vlasich De la Rosa

"At OU I found the ideal method for my professional growth. The curriculum modifications resulted in a greater commitment and seriousness to complete the major in Pedagogy. The tutoring sessions that I had were enriching. For my way of learning, this was the ideal method; also, at my mature age, it made the teaching-learning process easier.




OU coordination was always interested in giving us the best service, they were always attentive to our needs and open to listen and to our new proposals. The experimented tutors who know their topics very well have a immense human virtues, they are respectful of our own teaching-learning processes and motivate us always. 


Professionally, it was a huge step forward, it opened many doors that I had not even considered in this moment of my life. Thank you OU".

Marisol Corona Hernández

"My experience at UP has been gratifying because being a full-time mom UP let me adapt to my schedules and these three years have been full of experiences.




The teachers have been excellent and I can only say good things about my university and my major in philosophy".

Raúl Romo Noriega

"Universidad Panamericana distance learning system is an excellent opportunity to resume the study project which could have been put off for work or lack of time. The system offers students a great flexibility as it is easily adaptable to any schedule. The faculty are very professional and have helped me at all times. Never let off that flame within yourselves, neither let die the amazement or the desire to learn new things every day. Universidad Panamericana helps us develop all our potential through the most technological and avant-garde program in Mexico".

Rubén Paulo Ruiz Pérez

  • "My experience as a student in the course of philosophy in the open system has been excellent. I don't think there are any important differences with the traditional face to face school system. The materials and additional support to the texts given are stimulating and suggestive as well as the preparation and attitud of the professors.
  • Consequently, the learning process is very good in my opinion, I have to say that it is a clear method that demands effort.
  • The influence of the courses in my job has been critical as the analyzed argumentative and ethical theories and the reflexive and critical attitudes that they have caused, have had an impact in my work. Congratulations".