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Welcome! In this section, you will find more information about University Life at our campus. You can access the learning platforms, consult the school calendars, consult our listing of services and pay your tuition online.

Alumno de Ingeniería desarrolla app de innovación espacial

Ciudad de México, 23 de septiembre de 2021.- Como parte de la iniciativa espacial

200 años de la conmemoración del nacimiento del Estado Mexicano

Ciudad de México, 14 de septiembre de 2021.- El área de Posgrados de la Facultad de Derecho y los Posgrados de la Escuela de Gobierno y Economía de la Universidad Panamericana llevaron a cabo el conversatorio 200 años de

University life at UP aguascalientes enriches the lives of our students. The campus offers both cultural and athletic activities, in which you can participate through representative teams, or simply as one more way to spend time with friends and classmates.

The Office of Student Services has proposed as its mission to offer efficient and quality service always aligned with educational standards. In this way, your academic career will not be limited by problems related to academic administration.

The procedures we carry out are:

Validation of academic records and documents related to enrollment.

Validation of grades after each term.

Certification and legalization of your studies, before the Secretariat of Public Education.

Management and follow up in regards to degree granting procedures.