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Student Services

The Office of Student Services has proposed as its mission to offer efficient and quality service always aligned with educational standards. In this way, your academic career will not be limited by problems related to academic administration.

The procedures we carry out are:

Validation of academic records and documents related to enrollment.

Validation of grades after each term.

Certification and legalization of your studies, before the Secretariat of Public Education.

Management and follow up in regards to degree granting procedures.


The services we provide are:

Documents which certify your studies.

Reception of documents for enrollment.

Delivery of diplomas, certificates, professional licenses, etc.

Help with questions about enrollment

Help with questions about your academic career in general



Documents issued by the department (certificates, transcripts, academic histories) will be kept for 30 days. If they are not picked up during this period, they will be destroyed.

In case you cannot pick up a document, someone can do it for you with a notarized power of attorney.

Official documents will only be issued if your file and academic records are complete.


Ensure that the academic career of our students develops in accordance with educational standards, providing a personalized service, quality, ethics and professionalism.


Provide reliable information and feedback to other areas of the University in the processes performed by participating actively in the institutional choices that compromise our daily task.



Be an accredited department with a certified staff, distinguished by providing school and student services in an efficient and satisfactory manner, achieving inter-institutional presence and leadership and maintaining strong ties with the appropriate accrediting body.


  • Types of procedures and records 
  • Prices and delivery times 
  • Application processes paperwork and records 
  • Format Power of Attorney


Conoce los requisitos para llevar a cabo tu inscripción en los programas que ofrece la Universidad Panamericana campus México.


Conoce los trámites para obtener tu título de Licenciatura y/o de Posgrado.


·         General Office of Higher Education DGESU

·         General Office of Professions DGP

·         General Office of Accreditation, Incorporation and Revalidation DGAIR

·         Secretariat of Foreign Affairs

·         Secretaríiat of Foreign Affairs (apostille y legalization)

·         Hague Conference on Private International Law

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