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University Life

University life at UP aguascalientes enriches the lives of our students. The campus offers both cultural and athletic activities, in which you can participate through representative teams, or simply as one more way to spend time with friends and classmates.

Celebrations of the 25th anniversary of our campus began with the Solemn Mass

On Monday August 4th to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the founding of our campus, the Solemn Mass to give thanks was held, led by the Bishop of the Diocese of Aguascalientes, José María de la Torre Martin in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Assumption Cathedral;

We are a group of students and alumni from Universidad Panamericana, Aguascalientes Campus. We have different fields of study, but we share a love of music, and we look for personal growth through musical activities.

Because it is a Christian-inspired university- with roots in the Catholic faith- and because of its association with Opus Dei, at Universidad Panamericana you can find a chapel, and chaplaincy services. Services and priests are available to anyone who requires them, with respect for the liberty of students and faculty, and without regard for creed.

In Mexico it is mandatory for all undergraduate students from any university to comply with a certain number of hours of volunteer work. This work is called “Social Service” and is typically done in a government institution.

For UP Campus Bonaterra, however, volunteer work is more than just a requirement: it is seen as complementary to human development. Apart from the mandatory Social Service, students are encouraged to participate in University projects which promote and comply with institutional objectives and contribute to social welfare within the community. 

Student Associations UP is a sub-department within the department of University Life. Its purpose is to coordinate and offer support to proposals and activities from the student associations authorized by the University Board. It also seeks the creation of new groups and the promotion of student participation in university activities.



Through our different sports programs, we seek to foster in the University community virtues, attitudes, and skills, such as honesty, responsibility, leadership, respect, teamwork, character formation, and commitment to physical and mental health.