Student Council

The Student Council UP is the representative body of the undergraduate students before the university authorities.




•To be the body that directly represents students, responsible for channeling suggestions, proposals, or concerns of undergraduate students to the corresponding authorities. The council also promotes a variety of activities for the benefit of students and of the University in general.

•To organize the students and look out for their interests and those of the University community through discussion and dialogue in order to reach planned objectives.

•To promote communication, exchange of information, experiences, skills and ideas, as well as to create and increase cultural, academic, social, and sports relationships among students, seeking their integral formation and a complement to the learning experience.

The Student Council will elect among its members its president, who will in term, name a governing board to coordinate its activities. The president will meet with the Rector’s representative twice a semester.

All undergraduate students at UP are eligible.

The Council will include a representative of each school and cohort.


The call for president and members of the Student Council is carried out every year in the month of November.

Principal activities

Music Festival

UP Games

Movie Nights

Integration day for students from out of town

Student day

Teacher’s day


Directory of Members

Student Council (August 2012-June 2013):


Luisa Khalil Jacott President

Juan Bernardo Moran Vice-president

Viviana Del Paso Engineering

Luisa Fuentes Business and Management

María José Olmos Pedagogy

Isis Pérez Law

Laura Anaya Gastronomic Business Management



The Student Council shall elect a President who in turn will elect a board to coordinate activities. They will meet with the Rector twice a semester.


• All undergraduate students of UP are eligible.

• There will be a representative from each school and cohort in the Council


Number of students participating: MORE THAN 60 STUDENTS FROM DIFFERENT SCHOOLS.


University Life

Lic. Antonio Franco Romo

Department Coordinator

Tel. (449) 910 62 00 ext. 7249