We are a group of students and alumni from Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara Campus, with a common taste for music, seeking personal development through musical activities. 


Mission: To offer the university community an activity where they can find vocal and musical training, fun, friendship, companionship with other members of the choir, as well as the chance to receive a partial discount on tuition (covering certain minimum requirements). To share choral music within and without the university community, by taking it to different stages: religious ceremonies, theater presentations, and others.  To foster personal growth and the development of artistic-cultural sensitivity among the university community and society in general.


Vision: To be a university choral group which is distinguished by being person-centered. To trace our objectives from this center.


General Objective: To offer the university community a space for artistic-musical formation which complements their human, spritual, and professional growth, as well as to collaborate in the transmission of this art.


Our History:  The choir began as a complement to the academic and cultural formation of our students. In April of 1993, it was founded under the stewardship of Prof. Engelberto Aguilar Macías, who was director of the choir until February, 2014. The current director is Omar Ornelas Arredondo.



 “O JESULEIN”: Two editions (October, 2000, October, 2002) recorded together with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco. The recording includes 19 traditional Christmas songs from different eras and places.


“JOYAS CORALES” (July, 2001): Includes classic choral works and arias, such as   Va Pensiero from Nabucco; Habanera and Toreador from Carmen, and others. DVD Requiem (Abril 2003): To celebrate the tenth anniversary of its foundation, the choir presented Mozart's  Requiem accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Jalisco, at Degollado Theater. All proceeds were donated to the local Red Cross.


“NOCHES DE BROADWAY” (2006): Joint project together with the Universidad Panamericana Theater Troupe. The show includes songs from The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, and The Sound of Music, among others. The show was presented live at Degollado Theater, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Guadalajara Campus, and was a resounding success. 



  1. Visit the offices of the Department of Arts and Culture, or call us at 5233  3679 0734. Visit our pages on:
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  • Choir: Omar Ornelas Arredondo.
  • As a member of the choir, you can obtain a scholarship applicable to your UP tuition.