COPARMEX is the Mexican Employers’ Association, and through their university representative, they aim to link young people to the Association and to the field of business. They accomplish this through activities which allow students to create and refine innovative ideas which will help them become the future leaders and business people of this country.


Their goal is to transform entrepreneurs into responsible business people, committed to society, in order to create more and better companies in Jalisco and achieve economic development in Mexico. In this way they seek to promote the ideas of university students in key projects for the future and help them become the business leaders that the economic environment needs.

Principal activities

  • Conferences
  • Field trips

  • Networking
  • Case studies

    Day of the Entrepreneur

Requirements for membership

  • Demonstrate initiative, leadership, problem-solving abilities, entrepreneurship
  • Have an interview with a member of the group or send an email.

Directorio de integrantes

Maria José Ahumada Corte



8th Semester


Salvador González López


8th Semester