Panteras UP Men's Basketball

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Panteras UP Men's Basketball


Thanks to the entusiasm and the effort of Prof. Constancio Córdova Alvarez (r.i.p.) and the support of Jesús Magaña, the representative basketball team was formed in 1979. Currently it participates at the league which resulted from the merging of CONADEIP and CONDDE: Student Basketball Association (ABE).


  • They constantly participate in competitions at a state, regional and national level and they have had very good outcomes such as:
  • 6 CONADEIP championships
  • 1 CONDDE championship




The men's basketball team has remained in the first places of CONADEIP and  CONDDE. Currently, it participates in the first division of the ABE league and it is doing a good job.

Requirements to be part of the team



Are you interesed in being part of one of these teams and highten the name of your univeristy? Contact us! 5482-1600 ext. 6806.

Location of the facilities where it is practiced

Men's Basketball - Centro Deportivo Coyoacán