We are a theater troupe made up of students and alumni from Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara campus . We are committed to offering audiences of all ages high quality experiential theater with creativity and innovation.



To provide the University community an activity through which they can find:

Training in acting: corporal and verbal expression of emotions, and memorization

A space and a dynamic in which to strengthen bonds of friendship.

Two high-quality shows per semester including all the elements: acting, scenery, sound, lighting, costumes, makeup, props and advertising.



Consolidate UP Theater troupe as a leading company in performing arts at the university level, through the commitment of scenic enhancement, human and personal service, friendship, excellence and professionalism.


General objective:

Provide to the university community a space for training and artistic expression which fully complements their human, spiritual and professional growth as well as contribute to the dissemination of this art.