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University Life

UP University Life is the department which seeks that all members of the community -faculty, students, and staff- participate in activities organized by the University and the students. Our goal is for all members to identify with UP.


Here you will find a list of activities and options so that you, too, can be a part of University Life.

The objective of the Department is to contribute to the integral formation of the university community through the design, planning, and implementation of different artistic and cultural programs and activities.


In this way, the Department fulfills three important functions:


a) The conservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Universidad Panamericana and its social sphere;


UP is a Christian-inspired University. Since its foundation, spiritual attention for the community has been entrusted to the prelatur of Opus Dei.


We have a chapel and celebrate Holy Mass from Monday to Friday at 8:45am. The chapel is open every weekday from 7:30am to 9:30pm.

Sacraments are administered to those who desire them.


The chaplains carry out the task of spritual formation and attention for students who ask for their guidance and advice. We offer constant and open dialogue to the University community, regardless of creed.

Within the ideology of our University,  an important place is occupied by the formation of social awareness in our students , employees and in general, anyone who comes to our institution.

The Department of Social Commitment UP was originally launched 9 years ago. Since then, we have worked to continue and strengthen the work of social service coordinators in the University.

We promote long-term social welfare projects for vulnerable society members. 

Through exercise, you will achieve a better quality of life. Through our programs we seek to instill in the university community values, attitudes and skills such as honesty, responsibility, leadership, respect, teamwork, character building and commitment to physical and mental health. 

Sport as part of the development of the individual, perfectly complements academic life. Therefore, in the UP you can practice different sports and physical activities at convenient hours. 

Through the different Student Associations, students at Universidad Panamericana can develop professional networks which allow them to exploit their potential and to participate in projects of their interest.