Arts and Culture

The objective of the Department is to contribute to the integral formation of the university community through the design, planning, and implementation of different artistic and cultural programs and activities.


In this way, the Department fulfills three important functions:


a) The conservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of Universidad Panamericana and its social sphere;


b) The promotion of arts and cultural manifestations on the part of the university community and its geographical environs; and


c) The transmission of cultural activities -both internal and external- to the university community.


Through its programs and activities, the Department of Arts and Culture links the community of teachers, students, parents, researchers, staff, and neighbors, with appreciation, creation, and transmission of culture and arts.


Concretely, the Department carries different kinds of activities which promote university culture:


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Courses
  • Expositions
  • Concerts
  • Exhibitions
  • Theater plays
  • Conferences
  • Book loans
  • Competitions
  • Fora and debates
  • Guided tours
  • Film Club
  • Promotion of reading


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Contacto: Goya #35 planta baja, tel. 5482-1600 ext. 6535, 6532 ó 6530,




Link, encourage and educate all members of the university community through seminars, workshops and activities designed to respond to a high cultural excellence, both in format and in content.




To be a leading service department, responsible for the management, production and dissemination of art and culture inside and outside the university environment with quality and efficiency, able to contribute to the formation of the university community.

Actividades de arte y cultura



When being part of any of our performance groups: students:


- Will participate in all institutional activities of Universidad Panamericana as authorities and director determine.


- Will have a space to enrich the personality of all the members who are part of them, to disseminate their work, and consequently to enrich the university community.




Contribute to the integral formation of participants through singing, discipline, team work, responsibility and compromise.



Twice a week depending on the levl

No cost

40 cultural credits

Auditions: at the beginning of each semester



Contribute to the integral formation of the participants through performaing arts represented in the theater.


Favor with this self-awareness, knowledge of the others through a professional, interdisciplinary work in the framework of responsibility, compromise, team work and effective communication.


Develop sensitive through the encouragement of creativity.


Promote human action analysis and experience to acquire consciousness and responsibility of one's actions.




Contribute through music to the integral formation of the Orchestra members and of all the Universidad Panamericana community. Awaken art sensitivity as a multidisciplinary fact; reinforcing self-esteem, discipline and team work, and fostering research and a good academic performance with education in virtues.



Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm.

40 cultural credits

Auditions: At the beginning of each semester



Dance as a form and means of artistic expression, creativity, and entertainment. Practicioners of this discipline will find physical conditioning to improve their health.


Recognize different rythms, steps, and basic evolutions both individually and with a partner.


Monday and/or Wednesday from 2 to 4pm.

No cost

25 cultural credits


Acquire the basic notions of photography.


Develop capabilities to appreciate art in photography and composition.


Thursday from 2 to 4pm

12 sessions

No cost

25 cultural credits


Exercise different communication skills through practical sessions


Saturday from 9:30am  to 1:30pm

4 or 5 sessions

It has a cost

35 cultural credits

Smart Reading

Educational software which develops reading abilities. Helps develop speed, understanding and use of language, according to the needs of the participants.


Specific objectives:

Become a FAST, DYNAMIC, and SELECTIVE reader


Once per semester

14 hours

It has a cost

35 cultural credits


Guitar, violin, cello, piano and d'jembé


Contribute to the integral formation of the participants, developing ability and technique to play each instrument. Be able to participate in an ensemble or an orchestra.


Develop playing skills, with attention to technique, harmony, and rhythm, considering music as a means of expression.



Friday from 2 to 4pm

10 group sessions+  5 individual sessions of 30 minutes

It has a cost

25 cultural credits


Piano, Violin, Drum, etc:

It has a cost

14 sessions of 45 minutes each


35 cultural credits





It has a cost

10 group sessions+  5 individual sessions of 30 minutes

Saturdays, schedule, to be announced

25 cultural credits




Theory and practice of cooking simple and healthy recipes which can be easily replicated.


Wednesday or Thursday from 2 to 4pm

5 sessions

It has a cost (includes recipe book, apron, and raw materials)

25 cultural credits


Acquire tools to perform as a solo or choral vocal artist, in a variety of styles. Acquire musical culture, creativity, and artistic sensibility during the natural process of voice maturation.


Evaluate cinema as a manifestation of culture and values from an educational perspective.


Projection and analysis of films

Once a month

No cost

7 cultural credits


Develop abilities and techniques to play the different instruments that make up a jazz band. Learn elements of improvisation, rhythmic complexity, tonal harmony, and scales, which reflect the spontaneity that is characteristic of jazz.



Saturday from 2 to 4pm

No cost

40 cultural credits

Auditions: all semester 


Seminarios y Programas Seniors

Senior programs

Conferences, film club and guided tours for older people, to involve them in the world of culture.


Offer a wide variety of topics- Science, Literature, History, Art History, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Psychology, Medicine, Communications, Politics, Family and Social Guidance- to senior citizens in order to increase their knowledge. 


  • Such an important sector of society, senior citizens will get involved in the world of culture.


"Culture [...] can be seen [...] as the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features that characterize a society or social group. In addition to art and literature, it encompasses lifestyles , fundamental human rights, value systems, traditions and beliefs. "


Wednesday from 7 to 9pm

10 sessions +  2 guided tours

It has a cost

45 cultural credits


Identify the general characteristics of universal art and culture. Distinguish different periods and styles.



Wednesday from 10am to 1pm

17 sessions

It has a cost


Identify the general characteristics of the art and culture of Mexico, the evolution of the Mexican nation, the construction of a cultural identity and its historical development.


Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm

14 sessions

It has a cost

45 cultural credits


Analyze different manifestations of culture through literature and contemporary and classic film production.


Friday from 10am to 1pm

17 sessions

It has a cost


Learn the techniques of carbon and graphite pencil drawing, water color, and oil painting, in free or suggested styles. Learn habits of discipline, concentration, and harmonic work.


Thursday from 10am to 1pm

17 sessions

It has a cost

Actividades Culturales


Dominoes, literary essay, chess, scrabble, confectionery, photography, etc.

Through play, in a healthy competition, motivated by personal challenges, provide students with learning experiences that stimulate the development of a competency/skill e. g. team work, communications, memory, speed.


Create a space:


Where students (university commuity) have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent through any artistic manifestation (singing, music, oratory)  or that promotes dialogue and reflection --e. g. Colloquium for life--.


That allows to establish dialogue among the university community in an environment of originality and close and friendly presence for special guests recognized for their talent or skills, career that are interesting for the community and want an audience to present their talent.


That allows us to show students photo exhibitions, musical compositions, promote UP events and projects, show students and faculty's accomplishments, organize a reading marathon.


Do you have a band? Do you speak in public?

At LIVE UP we give you a space to share it.

Enrollments to our mail or social networks.


Create a space to promote UP community interaction through tasting different foods.


To raise students awareness in the problems that the country is facing, to bring vulnerable population to different manifestations of artistic/ cultural expression which provide recreation, learning and dissemination of culture.