COLABORE Panamerican Center

COLABORE is a program that involves social economic development, consistent with human dignity, that fosters the integration of people with disabilities in our society.




To have a Mexico with equal working conditions and social awareness towards people with disabilities. To promote the integral development of their physical and mental skills to be autonomous through synergies with companies, government, institutions and non-government associations.





To have COLABORE be recognized as a reliable means to offer a service to people with disabilities and to companies. It is one of the main institutions which promotes a new working culture based on dignity, productivity, and equal opportunities.




Dignity: the human being is valuable and he or she must be respected regardless of his or her physical conditions.

Honesty: thinking and acting always with the truth, creating confidence in the business and government sectors and with the benefitted.

Compromise: acting according to our convictions to be accepted and create opportunieties for people with disabilities through cooperation and responsibility.

Respect: principle of fundamental equality of human beings to do every task and interact with people with disabililties, associations and business sector based on tolerance and recognition of diversity.

Team work: share my knowledge and experiences to be part of the COLABORE mission.

The value of work: Work dignifies. It is a source of personal and social development.

How does COLABORE support itself?



COLABORE is a non-profit association. This is why it is necessary that it is supported by business people committed to the project and that they contribute to end discrimination.


Voluntary work or social service to help people with disabilities




You can help people with disabilities no matter what major you are studying:

Engineering: feasibility studies, design and equipment innovation, etc.

Business sciences: feasibility studies, marketing campaigns, research, entrepreneurship models.

Pedagogy: training, human resources, education, research.

Philosophy: training, foundation, research.

Law: legal consultancy, research.

Psychology: interviews, profiles, consultancy.

Health: direct care, research.


And from any major, help people finish their basic studies and computer courses.



Call 5482 1600/ 1700 ext. 6424 or 6412