Social Commitment

Incubae: Incubator of social projects with foundations in sustainable education which will be managed by university students of any University who wish to adopt such model.


180 Degrees Consulting: It is an international consultancy integrated by students which strengthens organizations' skills with social awareness to accomplish results of high social impact through the development of innovative, practical and sustainable solutions.


Nous: organization which intends to give philosophical, ethical and cultural education to the young who do not have humanist subjects in their curriculum. This way, we intend to improve the education situation of the country and spread a critical vision of reality, disseminate culture and civic values.


B-UP: It is a student organization whose objective is to train students from Universidad Panamericana to be prepared and are able to act should any disaster take place at any moment at any place.


Grow UP: Student organization which intends to disseminate culture, worries about nature (increase care) and the damage caused by men (reduce our marks) and plans projects which can impact directly in material and energy saving.