Social Commitment

Within the ideology of our University,  an important place is occupied by the formation of social awareness in our students , employees and in general, anyone who comes to our institution.

The Department of Social Commitment UP was originally launched 9 years ago. Since then, we have worked to continue and strengthen the work of social service coordinators in the University.

We promote long-term social welfare projects for vulnerable society members. 

We want students to see " Social Service " as not just a "requirement " that all must meet, but as a life-long commitment.

We invite you to participate in any of the projects we organize or to propose  a new way to influence society 





Contribute to the common good of society forming in students a genuine social awareness and responsibility, contributing to the analysis and solution of specific problems in search of a greater benefit to the community.


  • To be a leading university that actively participates with viable proposals for the solution of social problems, along with government institutions, the private sector and civil society. To have students engaged with society and the neediest people, willing to help giving time and expertise in solving specific problems. To encourage in students responsible conviction to help-according to their capabilities-the needy: orphans, street children, drug addicts, alcoholics, the elderly, people with disabilities, people in poverty, loneliness or other social problems.

Social service

Where can you do social work or service?


1. EXTERNAL: any private institution, civil associations, and NGOs that have an agreement with the Department of UP Social Commitment of Universidad Panamericana.




- To be registered at Universidad Panamericana.

- To be a regular student.

- To follow the enrolment process of this institution.


2.INTERNAL:  are all the social welfare activities organized by Universidad Panamericana

Requirements: to be a regular student and to be enrolled.





a. Enroll in the social work project of your choice or in the institution through the "Social Service Fair" (first Tuesday and Wednesday of every semester) or directly in the UP Department of Social Commitment.


b. If the project is not organized by UP Social Commitment, you will have to submit a letter at the beginning including: full name, ID, major, semester, project and starting date signed by the person who is responsible of the project.


c. If the project is coordinated by UP Social Commitment, it is not necessary to do neither the previous nor the following steps.


d. By the end of the project, (if it is not coordinated by UP Social Commitment), a letter must be submitted (established template) with all the data and spent hours.


e. The hours of social work can be checked in your personal portal or in UpSite.


f. The hours will appear in your personal portal (UpSite) 3 weeks after having submitted the letter of completion in the UP Departament of Social Commitment.


g. By the end of eighth semester (480 hours of social work finished) you will be able to start the procedure to release your documents and the UP Department of Social Commitment will take care of it. The student will be able to start the procedure to get their degree when the eighth or tenth semesters make-up tests have ended in School Services or in their own School or Faculty.


h. If the 480 hours are finished when the student has already finished the eighth semester, he or she will have to go to the UP Social Commitment office with the letters of completion and from that moment in three weeks the documents will be released.

Requirements to accept a student to be a provider of social service in a special project


1. For special projects ( in your own faculty) or with any institution with which there is a previous agreemet, the student or teacher must send the information that follows about the project to


- General information about the project

- Schedules, proposed working days

- Proposed work to do

- Contact information at the institution: name, job, phone number and email address



2. UP Social Commitment reviews the proposed project or institution and if it accepts, it establishes the project and the hour value. These hours can be counted through a signature sheet or an hour value can be given to the project.


3. The person in charge of the project must sign a beginning of the project letter in which it is indicated: student's full name, ID, major, semester, project and starting date.


4. The person in charge of the project must have a concrete working plan for the student and constantly check on him or her so that he or she does a good job.


5. By the end of the project sign a letter with all the data and hours that the student worked in that project.


6.In order to begin the social service in a new project or institution a mail that indicates that an agreement has been reached must be received; otherwise, the hours will not be valid. 


  • NOTE:
  • The work cannot be done in companies unless they have a social welfare project and that there is an agreement with them.
  • Administrative work within the University cannot be done as Social Service.
  • In order to do social service in government institutions there must be evidence of the 70% of accumulated credits and that they have a social welfare project and there is an agreement with that institution.
  • All social services that do not meet these requirement will not be valid.

Principales proyectos apoyados



COLABORE: consultancy for people with disabilities






We have many educational projects in which you can volunteer:


With children:

Edukt-Líder: elementary school children (Saturdays)

PERAJ: 5th to 6th grade

Day F (Sundays)

Computer courses for adults or people with disabilities

EDUCANDO: helping adults to finish basic studies, English and computers


Enrollment only during social service fair

Housing is a basic indicator of the welfare of the population as it is the base of family assets.


Also, it is considered as one of the elements which is closely related to economic progress and social development.  For this, to fight poverty it is necessary to join forces so that Mexican families have decent housing.



"Provide decent housing to low-income families by helping them build their own houses so that their quality of life improves".


Methodology: sponsorship

Consists of:

COLABORE is a program that involves social economic development, consistent with human dignity, that fosters the integration of people with disabilities in our society.



Due to the great need in our country in health matters such as blood transfusion, Universidad Panamericana campus Mexico has joined the Federal Government to encourage blood donation especially in university students as they have blood of the best quality.


This was done through the first blood donation campaign "DONA UP" in February 19, 2010 in cooperation with the National Center for Blood transfusion. The main objective is to raise awareness of students regarding blood donation. 




In 2013, Universidad Panamericana became a Green Campus which transforms and takes care of the environment. With this program it is reinvented and new projects are created that allow saving resources in a short-, medium-, and long- term.


There are 140 garbage containers for proper waste management. Many of them are used as raw material for the manufacture of new products. The money raised by the sale of materials is destined to new ecological projects in and outside the university.




Through the area of Social Commitment and together with the area of Risk Prevention, there is a student organization "B-UP: UP squad" where every semester about 60 students are trained in civil disaster prevention and care.


Also, B-UP helps with various events inside and outside the university and it provides training in rural areas and elementary schools. This university squad is the largest and most qualified in the country.

Contact for social service


General information about projects, institutions, clarifications of hour records.

  • Email address:
  • Office at the Valencia building (in front of room 3V)
  • 5482 1600 / 1700 ext. 6002                             


In every School or Faculty there is a Social Service coordinator to have permanent and personal communication.



María Fernanda González Ugalde



Rosario Román Castro


Santa fe Office

Alejandro Bautista Gandarilla



Ma. Teresa Casarín Morfín



Ma. Del Carmen Elvira torres



Mariano Romero Valenzuela



Fernando Jose Macouzet Romero



María Diez Uriarte



Gilberto Bañuelos Treviño


Open University

Losaid Fernández Jaimes


Santa fe Law

Ma del Carmen Viesca Flores