Your house is my project

Housing is a basic indicator of the welfare of the population as it is the base of family assets.


Also, it is considered as one of the elements which is closely related to economic progress and social development.  For this, to fight poverty it is necessary to join forces so that Mexican families have decent housing.



"Provide decent housing to low-income families by helping them build their own houses so that their quality of life improves".


Methodology: sponsorship

Consists of:

UP volunteers are trained in the construction system.

Volunteers train beneficiaries.

Volunteers become "Sponsors of 10 families."

Working and activities schedules are established

They impart advice on ethics and community life.

They follow up on constructions.



Currently people are working at:

Potoichan community at Copanatoyac, Guerrero at the indigenous zone of La Montaña. The population is "Mixteca" (from the South of Mexico).

Palmar de Guadalupe and Pachuquilla communities at Estado de México: with the construction of LORENA ECOLOGICAL STOVES.