Proceso de admisión

Admisiones Posgrados Guadalajara
Proceso de admisión

Process of enrollment

Please contact the coordinator of the program you are interested in.

Admissions Process Administrative and Economic Sciences

1.- Pick up application form

2.- Turn in application form

3.- Take admissions test

4.- Have admissions interview

5.-Receive acceptance letter

6.-Take diagnostic exam

7.-Pay admissions fee

8.- Submit documents

9.- Attend orientation session

Admissions process Engineering:

  1. 1.- Admissions interview

    2.- Fill out application form

    3.-Take admissions test

    4.- Receive acceptance letter

    5.-Pay admissions fee

    6.-Submit documents

    7.-Attend orientation session

Admissions process Law:

  1. 1.- Possess a degree in Law

    2.- Have a GPA of 8.5/10 in university studies, or professional experience of at least 3 years.

    3.- Turn in applications form, together with documents.

    4.- Have a personal interview with the Academic Coordinator

    5.- Be accepted by the Admissions Committee

Admission process Communication

  1. 1.- Present admissions form

    2.- Attend interview and bring documents

    3.- Have a professional degree and license

    4.- Pay admissions fee

Starting dates

Administrative and Economic Sciences:


30 August  06 March



16 August 15 February



September February

Costs and Financing

UP offers the following financing options for graduate studies:

1. DISCOUNT FOR PROMPT PAYMENT. Applies to full payments made one month before the starting date. The discount is 10% over the total quarter fee, or for the first month.

2. CORPORATE SCHOLARSHIP. Companies with more three employees registered throughout the year in the Master’s in Construction Management. Discount is 20% for each student.

3. SCHOLARSHIP FOR MEMBERS OF CMIC 20% discount over the total financed cost for

members of the Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry.

4. SCHOLARSHIP FOR MEMBERS OF THE PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OF THE STATE. 20% over the total cost for members of the association if there are three candidates per year.


6. SCHOLARSHIP ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS AND URBAN PLANNERS. 20% over the total cost COLEGIO DE ARQUITECTOS Y URBANISTAS DEL 20% over the total cost for members of the association if there are three candidates per year.

7. SCHOLARSHIP PUBLIC SERVANTS. 20% for public servants and personnel working in

government organizations and institutions, when registering three persons. For more

information, ask during the personal interview.

8. FIDERH CREDIT. Banco de México, together with Universidad Panamericana, offers

a reduced interest rate or cancelation of interests for prompt payments.

9. SANTANDER EDUCATIONAL CREDIT. Educational credit which offers up to 6.5 years to pay graduate studies, with a minimum monthly rate.



*NOTE: With the exception of Prompt payment, scholarships and financing cannot be

combined. Scholarship and financing policie are subject to change without notice.