International Day: German Consul at UP

International Day: German Consul at UP

Zapopan, Jalisco; May 9, 2017-To celebrate International Day 2017, organized by the Departments of International Affairs and Arts and Culture, Universidad Panamericana was honored to host Heike Von der Heyde, Honorary Consul of Germany in Guadalajara.


International Day forms part of the events carried out by UP in each of its three campuses. On this occasion, the guest of honor was the Federal Republic of Germany. To kick off the activities, Dr. Rafael Hernández Cázares, Vice-President for Academic Affairs welcomed Madame Consul, and thanked her for her presence on the campus.


Dr. Hernández Cázares explained that the purpose of International Day is to offer the university community a more global vision of academic life. The event seeks a culture rapprochement “which allows us to propose greater inclusion in a true world citizenship”. This is a task that everyone, especially the university student, is called to do.


For his part, the Director of International Affairs, Captain Leoncio Monjarás emphasized the importance of internationalization as a means to be more competent and successful. "It is no longer an option; It is part of our life, our culture and our professional vision”, he said.


Captain Monjarás recognized in Consul Von der Heyde a key ally in carrying out the activities of International Day. He invited the students to take advantage of the opportunities they have to become global citizens. He emphasized the importance of commitment, as well as of being interested in what goes on beyond the borders. He explained the crucial role of language learning as a means to approach other cultures, and to have a greater professional development.


Madame Consul, thanked UP for the invitation, and presented a talk on “Germany: Society, geography, political system, and culture”. The presentation focused on relevant points, such as general information about the country, as well as historical details of the reunited Germany. She explained the meaning of the colors of the flag, which currently represents German unity and freedom.



Points discussed included political organization and states. The Federal Republic of Germany has a president: Frank-Walter Steinmeier as Head of State in internal functions and representative abroad. There is also a Chancellor: Angela Merkel as a representative of the Executive Power with power of action.


The topic of Reunification is a crucial issue with regard to the country, which this will celebrate the 27th anniversary of that event. With western Germany occupied by United States, the United Kingdom and France, and the Soviet Union in the east of the nation at the end of World War II, there were drastic moments. "It is a reality that helps us to think about ourselves, to look to the future and to avoid raising another wall," she said.


The presentation touched on the modern aspect in relation to the way of life of German citizens, as well as the topic of the economy and innovation. The strength of this sector is based on powerful industries such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, and telecommunications, as well as space and automotive industries.


Madame Consul stressed the role of her country in relation to the environment and renewable technologies. As mentioned above, Germany is an international pioneer in environmental protection and in the expansion of this type of energy. Much of this "is due to its high research performance. Germany is one of the countries that invests more in innovation development and science," he said regarding the above.


In conclusion, she invited those present to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the country, which opens its borders and its technologies "to people who have an interest in them. "Universidad Panamericana has opened the doors; I feel a great warmth here and I am very honored to present the country Germany," said Madame Consul.


Universidad Panamericana is grateful to Consul Heike Von der Heyde, who was invited to sign the guest book of honor.