Rector General of UP-IPADE System Presents New Educational Model

Rector General of UP-IPADE System Presents New Educational Model

Zapopan, Jalisco October 20, 2017.- In the past three years, Universidad Panamericana (UP) has doubled the number of members in the National Researchers System (SNI), increased the number of visible publications and the number of participations in the media, highlighted the general rector of the UP-IPADE System, Dr. José Antonio Lozano Diez this Thursday when presenting the Educational Model of Universidad Panamericana to the community of the Guadalajara campus.


“There are very important changes happening in the University and we must have the confidence and the illusion of knowing that what we do in the University, (...) has a transcendental impact on many people, on the culture and on the souls of those who pass through our halls”, said the Rector General.


During the event, Dr. Antonio Lozano explained that the Educational Model presented to the university community consists of the strategy for Universidad Panamericana to be a referent in Latin America based on comprehensive education with a personalized attention, and founded on the pillars of unity and institutional goals.



"Among simple models that tend to administrative centralization and decentralization, the strategy we have adopted focuses on a mixed model that tends to unity recognizing the collaborative plurality of the whole", emphasized the Rector General. He referred to the complexity of the model and the relevance of FIAT- an institutional project- to achieve this by seeking unity through the review and rethinking of the various processes, structure and strategic vision for homologation or, where appropriate, harmonization of the different campuses and programs.


Present at the event which took place this Thursday in Auditorio H, were the Rector General of the UP-IPADE System, Dr. José Antonio Lozano Diez; the Vice-rector General of the UP-IPADE System, Dr. Fernanda Llergo Bay; the rector of the Guadalajara campus, Dr. Juan de la Borbolla Rivero; the Academic Vice-Rector, Dr. Rafael Hernández Cázares; the vice-rector of Outreach, Dr. Javier Castañeda Ibarra; and the vice rector Dr. Rocío Ruiz Mendoza.



At the beginning of the presentation, Dr. Juan de la Borbolla welcomed and recognized the work done by around 100 people on campus in the last two years to carry out the entire FIAT project process, which has been fully complied with and thanked the joint efforts of the three campuses to achieve the goal.


"There are two people who headed very important committees and who deserve a very special consideration. One is our Vice-rector of Outreach, Javier Castaneda who led the work of unity ... and Imelda [Flores] who has been supporting the change management working especially hard throughout all these months, because of her long-time support to Jacinto Valdés, "said the rector of the Guadalajara campus.


Dr. José Antonio Lozano emphasized that the objective of the UP is to be a University of influence and research with a Christian identity.  UP has entered the stage of expansion and in the coming years will gain greater positioning as a university and as a referent in Latin America.



 "Since 1965, St. Josemaría envisioned Universidad Panamericana with that name, as an institution destined to become a beacon that would illuminate the intelligences and Christianize the diverse social environments in which its activity would develop," explained Dr. Lozano Diez referring to the 50th anniversary of the UP which is next Wednesday, October 25. This anniversary is loaded with symbolism in the lives of people and institutions.


In her message, the Vice-rector General of the UP-IPADE System, Dr. Fernanda Llergo Bay, gave thanks for the support received during her career in UP by the Guadalajara campus. She declared herself eager to participate in this stage of consolidation of the University. "I have added the best practices of the three campuses and now much of what I will be working on is the management of change, the development of the campus, the academic management of research and the administrative part," said the Vice rector, referring to work that is entrusted to her in the coming days.



At the end of the event, a question and answer session was held on the new model of the University where it was emphasized that the model is unique since it has the hallmark of identity of the UP and has taken inspiration from the best universities in the world.