Zapopan, Jalisco; November 8, 2017. OPEN DOORS, as its name indicates, is an event where  Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara opens its doors to high school students to let them know what UP Faculty of Engineering offers. The event took place at Poliforum Panamericano.


Rodrigo Navarro Guerrero, dean of the school of Civil Engineering, explained that the objective  of the event is that students of all high school grades can realize that Engineering goes beyond numbers and mathematics. It deals with tangible things, and they can see this through the exhibition of the projects of the six engineering schools at UP. Additionally,  projects created by students and graduates were showcased.


The event was attended by 1100 high school students, from 20 educational centers, 17 local and 3 from outside the city.

Young people interested in the field of Engineering learned in depth the different activities carried out by the professionals in the different fields of action. They received orientation about all the schools in each of the stands. This will  help  them to make a decision about their future studies.


Among the projects that were presented were video games, applications, virtual reality lenses, programs, products and furnishings, and even a prototype of a car.

The schools present were:

· Systems Engineering and Computer Graphics

· Civil Engineering and Administration

· Digital Animation Engineering

· Engineering in Innovation and Design

· Industrial Engineering and Business Innovation

· Mechatronics Engineering


The Wooden Bridges Competition, organized by Civil, Industrial, and Innovation Engineering, was also held during the event and consisted of high school students building a bridge that could support the greatest amount of weight. Another event was the Parabolic Shooting Competition established by Systems, Design, and Mechatronics Engineering.



Vida Universitaria was also present. Ekatherine Acosta Demerutis, head of the Department of Social Commitment at UP, explained that, in addition to academic training, she is interested in the extracurricular activities offered by our university such as student groups, sports , art and culture and more. Likewise, the prototype of a strategic social project developed by Engineering and Innovation students was presented. They came up with the idea of ​​creating a low-cost wheelchair, affordable for people with lower economic resources. The stand also generated the students' interest in knowing all the fields and activities that the UP offers.


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