Workshop: Discovery Comedy

Workshop: Discovery Comedy

ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; February 16th, 2018.- The Audiovisual department of the School of Communication at Universidad Panamericana, Guadalajara organized, in the first week of the new term, the workshop, Discovery Comedy Writing, where Mike Miller, screenwriter and professor at the University of Colorado taught techniques focused on developing creative content to develop sketches and comedy programs.


During an exhaustive week ten students from the fields of Communication and Journalism, Audiovisual Studies, and Industrial Engineering learned the necessary methodology to be able to create comical characters and situations. Throughout the course, each student made turned in over forty assignments and at the close of the workshop, they put together a program with the best of these.


Mike Miller has spent over twenty years as a scriptwriter, doing work for theater and television. He is currently working on the preproduction phase of his first feature film, with a script that won a special mention in a contest held by the University of Los Angeles. The script conveys values and a positive vision.


Gabriel Domínguez Partida, Chair of the Audiovisual department of the School of Communication, pointed out that the objective of carrying out this type of workshop is to provide tools both to the general public and to the students in the different topics of the field of communication, trying to innovate and generate a specialization in these areas.


Gabriel added that they are working on three more workshops throughout this semester; the first will be a photography workshop focused on the use of cell phones to achieve more than a simple "selfie". The second is focused on the new trends that exist in contemporary cinema and the third workshop is on commercial production, where the student obtains knowledge of the aspects that are needed today for audiovisual production.


All workshops are open to the public, depending on the degree of specialization required in each one.