ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; 12 March, 2018- Spark UP, the Business Incubator at Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, together with Venture Academy and Beamonte Investments carried out the two-day event: “Learning to be an Investor Agent”.


The program consisted of a series of conferences, panels, and discussions designed to train business people in investing capital and generating value.


This is the second year the Boot Camp is carried out. On this occasion, the training coincided with Spark UP being named high-impact incubator and highly specialized workshop (FabLab).


Mónica Hermosillo, Director of Spark UP welcomed guests with a cocktail party. This included two pitches by participants. Mauricio Uro and Juan Pedro Lambert, founders of YAPSI, talked about the evolution of money, and the opportunity this offers to launch a startup. The second talk was given by Raúl Lomelí Azoubel, Executive Chairman of SABERRESPONDER INC.



The course kicked off with “Introduction to the world of investments”, by Luis Felipe Treviño, CEO of Beamonte Investments. Around 30 entrepreneurs participated, introducing themselves and their projects.


Next was a panel, on the Investment Process, with the participation of Ian Paul from Red Wood and Xico Méndez from WizaLab, and moderated by Daniel Pardo of Beamonte Investments. Issues addressed were different investment theses, and the due diligence process, as well as more common errors.



Raúl Pardo led the Financial Module workshop. Mr. Pardo addressed several issues, such as What is an evaluation? What are the stages of the evaluation? What is the process? Why are the valuation rates so high? He talked about market research and its size, the importance of a correct evaluation, common errors in evaluations, and valuation models, among others.

Held the following day were panels on Creation of Value by Jorge Fernández Braun (C and C Capital), Lulú Rodríguez (Fazenda) and Eduardo Clavé (DILA CAPITAL); as well as a Legal Panel with the participation of Jorge Quintanilla (Creel, García-Cuéllar), José Francisco Salem (Alfaro, Matsui & Salem, Lawyers) and Pablo Mazur (Manzur and Díaz Sierra).



To conclude, there was a round of Speed ​​dating in which entrepreneurs pitch to the Angel Investors. Among the companies that participated are Caliopo, 3dlink, Visnu and Happiness.