ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; July 22, 2019.-

Students from the UP took classes with foreign professors of areas like Engineering, Communication, Business, Humanities, and Pedagogy. Some of them also went on academic stays in countries like Spain, the United States, France, Holland, and Peru.


The International Summer 2019 of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara concluded as an enriching experience for more than 200 students, who had the opportunity to take classes with professors from different countries.


The main goal of the international summer is to give the students the opportunity to attend classes with foreign academics, to know another perspective of their areas of study. The 11 classes offered were from the fields of Engineering, Communication, Business, Humanities, and Pedagogy. The guest professors came from Colombia, Chile, The United States, Sweden, and Spain, including Dr. Brandon J. Price and Dr. Alejandro Salgado Montejo.


Dr. Rafael Hernández Cázares, academic vice-rector of the campus, said that the purpose of this summer is that the scholars create experiences with international quality without leaving the city. He also emphasized that the academy seeks teachers from different universities so the students can get a wider panorama of their careers. 


In addition, Dr. Salgado Montejo, who imparted the class “Development and Innovation of New Products”, commented that the advantage of the international summer is that “the student is allowed to be in touch with professors from outside their university, who may have life experiences or even visions of the same theory, the same class, that not necessarily are going to have inside the campus. It’s a valuable space to build knowledge”.


Marianne Sanánez Creixems, a student of the degree of Communication, Publicity, and Public Relations took the “Business Models in the Communication Industry” and “Global and multicultural communication” courses during this summer.  In her opinion, taking classes with an international professor improves the academic preparation, because it allows us to learn and strengthen subjects of the career of each student from other points of view, as well as meet other cultures.


The international summer was also enhanced with the trips of the students to different countries to complement their studies. A group took the Theological Anthropology class in Israel with the professor Rafael E. Piña Valdez. María José Arredondo, Industrial Engineering student attended the International Summer Program at Disney University; and Josué Rosales, also an Industrial Engineering student traveled to New York to take the summer program TrepCamp.


On behalf of the School of Administration of Institutions (ESDAI), 32 students traveled to countries like Spain, France, Holland and Peru: 15 students made a stay at the University of Barcelona, while 17 students did Professional Practices in institutions such as the Hotel Spain, Clínica de Navarra in Madrid, the University of San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru), the Travel Agency Be Madrid and Europrof (Holland), among others.


The international summer led by the UP allowed more than a thousand students in total to strengthen their preparation, both on campus and trips to different countries. International summer is a study modality that the UP puts into practice every year to enrich professional training from a global perspective.



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The teachers who participated in the international summer were:

Dr. Brandon J. Price, Doctor in Biophysics from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.
Dr. Joseph Adhemar Araoz, Ph.D. in Energy Technology from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.
Dr. Pablo A. Miranda, Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
Dr. Craig Strauss, Engineering Manager at the Continental company in Guadalajara, Jalisco.
Dr. Alejandro Salgado Montejo, Doctor in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford and professor at the University of La Sabana in Colombia.
Mtro. Roberto Ahumada Andrades, Master in Finance and Business Management and Management.
Dr. Van Wood, Doctor in International Marketing at the University of Oregon and belongs to the Virginia Commonwealth University.
Dr. Cristóbal Benavides Almarza, Academic Vice Dean of the Universidad de los Andes (UANDES) in Chile.
Dr. Juan Carlos Molleda, Doctor of Mass Communication with a mention in International Public Relations and International Business at the University of South Carolina.
Dr. Francisco Carrasquillo, Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Marquette University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.
Dr. Adrián Cano Prous, Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of Navarra.