ZAPOPAN, Jalisco; november 28, 2019.-

Spark UP will support the winning projects of the Made In UP contest; these will be developed to achieve a social impact.


The Engineering of Innovation and Design career at UP hosted the annual contest Made In UP 2019; the main objective is to present the final projects of the students developed during the semester.


The theme for this year's edition was “Create to transform”; the students based their projects on the Sustainable Development Goals, established by the United Nations (UN). The products developed by the students were thought to improve the life quality of the people and be sustainable with the environment.


Alejandro Tiscareño, engineer and director of the Innovation and Design program, commented that engineering is present in every part of life, in this way it transforms and moves the world: "It is a very strong responsibility that has taken on quite a transcendence when it comes to sustainability, and from there arise the objectives established by the UN," he said. 


The objectives of the UN are goals in which engineering has a direct influence since they seek to make energy accessible, not to pollute, to optimize resources, to ensure infrastructure, innovation, and industry.



Tiscareño also stressed that the program, in addition to analyzing the final product, studies the impact it will have at the end of its useful life. "It is important that students design and create products that are sustainable," he said.


In this year's edition of Made In UP, 30 teams with 87 projects participated; the winners were: Gloria Castellanos and María Massu, fifth semester; Felipe Chelala, seventh semester; and Alejandra Robles, third semester.


Gloria Castellanos and María Massu, fifth semester, created a project called "Frilk": a refrigerator for breast milk about which they commented: "This refrigerator works to leave it in your workplace and store the bottles there. The point of this is that it is a hygienic place, that it is private and that you can give continuity to your breastfeeding process that has benefits for the mother and the baby".


Felipe Chelala, winner of the seventh semester, created a sterilizer whose function is "to help beekeepers sterilize their tools when they are working so that they don't contaminate the other hives if one is sick; in addition to having dispensers in the form of flowers to provide the bees with essential nutrients to fight diseases and add a chemical to kill the mites that the bee has".



Alejandra Robles, a third-semester winner, created a speaker that uses no buttons and only communicates through movements. "My product is designed for people with hyperactivity or some visual disability because it does not require the use of any button, just move it," she said.


The winning projects reflect the commitment of the students to contribute to the transformation of the world and society. The UP is proud of the work done by engineering students and the contribution they make to a better future.