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Economic and Administrative Sciences

The School of Economic and Administrative Sciences UP seeks to develop integral and competent professionals, capable of creating and managing business for the benefit of society through respect and promotion of values.


The aim of this School is to offer to the business world executives with an integral formation, based on academic excellence and on ethics, and with a broad international focus.


Mission: To form business and social leaders who give testimony to the truth and who contribute to the progress of humankind.


Vision: To be the top school of Economic and Administrative Sciences in Mexico.




Da inicio la Especialidad en Publicidad Digital y Redes Sociales, las nuevas tecnologías de la comunicación en la Universidad Panamericana.



In order for UP to carry out its formational project, the faculty must freely accept a commitment to seek the aims of the university, and to participate in its educational work.


The recruitment and formation of our teaching staff is fundamental in accomplishing our mission and guaranteeing academic quality. A careful recruiment process ensures that our candidates have the necessary competencies and university vocation, and that they can continue to develop these in the future. 



The purpose of a university is not only to teach and spread knowledge, but to generate it as well.


At UP, we place special emphasis on research work, with the aim of promoting social progress from science and humanities, but with a strict ethical sense. Our researchers are committed to serving society, firstly, by flawlessly performing their task of teaching, and secondly, by being the creative and innovative minds which drive social progress from within the university.



With the aim of supporting teaching and strengthening research, Universidad Panamericana promotes among its faculty, the publication of scholarly articles, opinion pieces, and lectures directed to all members of the University community and society in general.



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Logros y reconocimientos

The School of Economic and Administrative Sciences at Universidad Panamericana, Campus Aguascalientes has participated on more than 10 occasions in the Manitoba International Marketing Competition, a prestigious Business Simulation competition organized by The Manitoba University en Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. So far, we have obtained the following: 

  • Two 6th places (2002 and 2010)
  • One 3rd place (2013)
  • Four 2nd places (2003, 2004, 2005 and 2011)
  • Two 1st places (2006 and 2012)

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MBA. José Francisco López Torres


Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7131


Mtra. Paulina Talamantez Chávez

Head, School of Administration and Marketing

Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7129


MBA. Juan Pablo Becerra Calderon

Head, School of Administration and Finance/ Accounting

Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7301


Dr. María Galarza Heras

Academic Head

Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7201


Lic. Viviana Rangel Salceda

Program Administrator

Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7136


Mtro. Tomás Ruiz Delgadillo

Secretary, Student Affairs

Telephone: +52 (449) 910 6200 Ext. 7278