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Spark UP is the business incubator and accelerator of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara, born in 2006 with the aim of promoting innovative business ideas that add value to society, generating wealth and high-value jobs.


To ensure the permanence of the companies in the market, we have alliances and agreements with investment funds, chambers, associations and other productive sectors to facilitate their insertion in the market; in addition, we closely monitor the results obtained with the newly created companies, as well as the growth of those that are undergoing an acceleration process.


Spark UP has been recognized by the Instituto Nacional del Emprendedor as a High Impact Incubator for 6 consecutive years, as a Specialized Prototype Development Workshop for 3 consecutive years and as an Accelerator for 2 consecutive years. In 2016 Spark UP Guadalajara, shared its incubation methodology to the CDMX and Aguascalientes Campuses of the same institution. Both are now recognized as High Impact Incubators. Since September 21, 2018 it has been selected to be part of the Pacific Alliance, which has facilitated the launch of the new softlanding service.

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Graduate companies
Accelerated companies
Incubated companies
Incubation Generations
Pre-incubated companies
Spark UP business incubator and accelerator

In both cases, the objective is to carry out a validation process of the business ideas, to define the target market to which the company will be directed, as well as to work on the business model. 

Program with group and individual counseling for the creation of companies, with the following indicators of the incubation process: the constitution of the company, generation of jobs and sales. Entrepreneurs who go through the pre-incubation process are evaluated to select those who will be part of the incubation process; an average of 30% are accepted.

Similarly, there are two modalities: individual, where we work to solve specific problems of each company, with the owner and his right arm, it is a multidisciplinary service that starts from the diagnosis, to the implementation and monitoring of the acceleration plan. And group, where the main indicators for the companies are defined, working with a Corporate Governance structure for the monitoring and evaluation of the companies' performance. 

Workshop for the development of specialized prototypes in collaboration with the Engineering School of the Universidad Panamericana, using 5 of its laboratories.

It has been carried out on 4 occasions in conjunction with investment funds such as Angel Ventures and Redwood Ventures, aimed at entrepreneurs in need of raising capital.

Held in March 2018 in liaison with Beamonte Investment, to train entrepreneurs as angel investors. 

This program is offered at the high school level with the objective of developing personal, teamwork, administrative and entrepreneurial skills in students in their third year of high school, with the objective of launching business ideas at a congress at the end of their school cycle.

In collaboration with Wayra and Fondify, a training on the development and launch of crowdfunding campaigns was carried out in June 2018, with the objective that the projects are evaluated by the accelerator and receive investment capital. 

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