Universidad Panamericana | Faculty of Engineering Academic Offering Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Program

Our Mechanical Engineering students will have the opportunity to develop professionally in different industries such as the automotive industry and some emerging industries such as:


  • Biomedical
  • Biomechanics


The bachelor's degree has one of the most comprehensive engineering programmes in the field of education. Thanks to its curriculum, students learn and understand everything related to basic sciences, engineering sciences and applied engineering in the following areas:


  • Materials
  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanisms
  • Industrial robotics


We train engineers capable of facing the world of work from a scientific, technological, human and managerial perspective.

Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  1. Mexico City


SEP 20090518 dated 7/8/2009, plan 2017, school-based modality, Augusto Rodín site.


As a candidate for the Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering you should have the following attributes:


  • Have an analytical profile
  • Be creative in generating and presenting ideas
  • Have an inventive character
  • Show a critical approach to problem solving


The Educational Objectives of the Mechanical Engineering program are focused on training:


  • Graduates capable of positively impacting organizational results through the successful practice of mechanical engineering. through the successful practice of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Graduates capable of making decisions and solving problems through creative and innovative ideas resulting from critical, analytical and systemic thinking.
  • Graduates with leadership skills, working autonomously and in teams, in multidisciplinary, national and international contexts. multidisciplinary, national and international contexts.
  • Graduates who are flexible to change and able to update their skills through continuous learning. continuous learning.
  • Graduates with a vocation of service to society and with a clear ethical orientation in all their actions. in all their actions.


The graduation attributes for the Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering of the School of Engineering, Mexico City Campus, are as follows:


  1. Identify and formulate engineering problems by applying basic science principles
  2. Solve engineering problems by applying engineering principles.
  3. Develop an entrepreneurial mindset by applying, analyzing and synthesizing engineering design processes that result in initiatives that solve global needs through the integration of economic, environmental, social and cultural perspectives.
  4. Analyze and interpret data to establish conclusions that propose engineering solutions.
  5. Applies engineering judgment to develop and conduct appropriate experimentation.
  6. Communicate effectively with different audiences in Spanish.
  7. Communicate effectively with different audiences in English.
  8. Recognize their ethical and professional responsibilities in situations relevant to engineering.
  9. Make informed judgments that consider the impact of engineering solutions that give back positively to society.
  10. Recognize the permanent need for additional knowledge and have the ability to locate, evaluate, integrate and apply this knowledge appropriately.
  11. Work effectively in teams that set goals, plan tasks, meet deadlines and analyze risks and uncertainty.


As a graduate of our degree you will be able to use new technologies through evaluation, optimization, innovation and you will be able to:


  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems.
  • To have an understanding of ethical and professional responsibility.
  • Understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental and social context.
  • Develop recognition of the need and capacity to engage in lifelong learning.
International Exchange Network
  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.
  2. California Institute of Technology, USA.
  3. DePaul University, United States.
  4. Vancouver Film School, Canada.
  5. Universidade Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  6. Universidad de los Andes, Chile.
  7. Hochschule Bremen, Germany.
  8. University of Navarra, Spain.
  9. Cologne Business School, Germany

"Having studied Mechanical Engineering at Universidad Panamericana was a privilege and a great life experience. The career is based on the exhaustive knowledge of engineering that respects you, supported by great professors with broad academic knowledge and human approach, which makes them mentors and great friends.

It is the ethical and Christian approach, together with the values that UP seeks to instil in its students, that distinguishes this great university, and it is this vision that has helped me the most in my professional environment and boosted my personal growth".

Alejandro Pier Rosales, 2012-2017, Mixcoac campus

"Studying engineering at UP gave me the tools to be able to understand complex natural phenomena. However, the quality of the university is not limited to hard sciences, I also had the opportunity to develop communication, financial and technological innovation skills. In addition to a solid background in human subjects."

José Alberto Trujillo, 2014-2020