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The Sound of Science | Propositional Looks at AI Apps

Dr. Félix Orlando Martínez Ríos of the School of Engineering and Dr. José Luis López Aguirre of the School of Communication, both Panamericana academics, help us to understand AI from a proactive approach and offer us a series of best practices, functions and recommendations to make the most of its use in teaching and research.

The Sound of Science | Perspective on GPT-based models, a view from Microsoft

Dr. Hiram Ponce, Coordinator of the PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Panamericana, and Mtro. Ismael Medina, Senior Cloud Architecture at Microsoft; help us understand the GPT technology that is revolutionizing the world and placing artificial intelligence in the spotlight.

Face to face : Sustainability in business: environmental, social and governance aspects

In an interview with Fernanda Cuen, deputy director of the School of Business at the Mexico City Panamericana campus, Álvaro Vertiz, partner of the consulting firm Dentons Global Advisors, talks about sustainability in business, i.e. the environmental, social and governance aspects that are part of a company's ecosystem.

Voices that inspire | Sound reflections on women in academia from everyday life

Sandra Anchondo, Fernanda Canale and María Teresa Enríquez reflect on the challenges and obstacles they have experienced as mothers, teachers or researchers in the academic field and exchange ideas to positively influence today's culture.

Face to face : GLASS, your solution to curb sensitive situations

GLASS is the Logistical Guide for the Attention to Sensitive Situations of the Universidad Panamericana that exists as a permanent means of attention to cases related to acts of violence, harassment, harassment, abuse, discrimination and other behaviors that, within our institution, affect the healthy coexistence of the members of our university community.Denuncia at glass@up.edu.mx.

Face to face: Women leaders transforming their environment

Postgrados Panamericana and Educación Continua invited Alejandra Castillo Soriano, finance director at Walmart; Ileana Barrera Alonso, global senior marketing manager at PepsiCo, New York and Mercedes Palomar, founder and CEO of Lady Multitask; women leaders in their fields and passionate about their work, who shared their experience and the keys that led them to success in finance, marketing and hospitality.

UPgrade | Personal Branding and Self-Awareness

Dr. José. Villela Vizcaya, psychiatrist of the UP Clinical Psychology Unit, invites us in this second episode to listen to the inner world that lives in us to enjoy all the benefits of self-knowledge, in order to genuinely project our essence and personal brand. Are you ready for the UPgrade?

The Sound of Science | Dr. Teresa Bourlon, a woman who inspires to make her mark in science

Dr. Teresa Bourlon tells us about the three areas in which she has developed her career in medicine to become one of the women who contribute to the transformation of a better world.

Voices that inspire | What does hope sound like?

Fernanda Talayero, alumni of the School of Nursing at the Mexico campus, returned to her alma mater to share with us valuable life lessons that her profession in the intensive care unit has taught her, not only as a professional, but also as a patient.

UPgrade | The impact of your personal brand from the University

Paula Gárgoles, PhD in fashion, and Aranxa Lobato, Hospitality Manager, share with you the importance of implementing your personal brand from university life in order to enhance your professional image from now on.

Voices that Inspire | The Spiritual Journey of Fr. Carlos Cervantes

Learn about the story of Father Carlos Cervantes and how he has made a positive impact on the lives of so many people during his time at Panamericana.

The sound of science : Digital transition of the audiovisual market

Dr. Ligia García Bejar makes us reflect on the behavior of audiences from the digital transition of the audiovisual market.

Voices that Inspire | Being for Doing

Who are we and what can we do to be better people and have a positive impact on our environment? Dr. María José García Castillejos, current director of the Women's High School at Universidad Panamericana, talks to us about this in this new installment of Voices that Inspire.

Voices that Inspire | The Miracle of the Piggy Bank Boy

When Javier Cruz started working at Panamericana, he was determined to stay for a short period of time, save enough money and move with his wife and children to another state to take what he considered to be a better job opportunity. A terrible illness would manifest itself in his son to alter the family's plans and tranquility, putting their faith to the test and bringing them closer in an unimaginable way to the one who inspired the founding of our university: St. Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer.

Enrique Beltranena, Founder and CEO of Volaris, in a face-to-face meeting

Enrique Beltranena, founder and CEO of Volaris, tells us how he has faced the changes and challenges involved in running an airline, reaffirming that the ability to continue creating and resilience are a success factor.

The Sound of Science | Understanding the Metaverse

How similar is the Metaverse to the Oasis in "Ready Player One"? Dr. Karina Perez and Mtro. Philippe Prince talk to us in this episode about the technological and legal implications of this new fictional universe.

Insight-UP | Canine and robotic therapy, psychology on the frontline

Psychology is constantly developing and, during the pandemic, it had to face new challenges and adapt. How to help, not only people at home, but also those in the line of fire? How to be creative and innovative in order to really help? These are some of the questions that our guest asked herself and that she managed to solve with great ingenuity and passion. Listen to our conversation with Dr. Lucía Ledesma Torres, in a chapter that seems to be taken out of science fiction.