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A permanent channel of attention for the protection of students in the Universidad Panamericana

Within the framework of respect and protection of human dignity established by our ideology and the rules that govern us, as well as to reinforce the culture of transparency in the personalized attention we provide to our community, we implemented the Protocol GLASS for Attention to Sensitive Situations of Universidad Panamericana.

Any person who suffers or witnesses any sensitive situation, within the facilities or events organized by our university, will be attended immediately through the permanent attention window glass@up .edu.mx.


Download the protocol here

This protocol is an additional way to continue improving in our effort to have work or study spaces and environments in accordance with the institutional culture of Universidad Panamericana, where each person deserves and should receive the treatment that corresponds to his or her human dignity.

GLASS guarantees attention and accompaniment to the victims of any sensitive situation, while providing legal security to all members of our university community who are involved in them. Likewise, it promotes respectful relationships based on the principle of equality.

We are committed to the protection and well-being of our students.

The most important thing is you!

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