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Educational Model

The humanist perspective that distinguishes us

"Academic standards, human excellence".


Panamericana has set out to meet the great global challenges, reconciling Christian Identity with the necessary innovation to respond to current needs. The essence of the educational philosophy of our University is fundamentally expressed in the integral education of each student, both as a future professional and as a person: this is the goal to be achieved through all that the university task implies. (Echavarría, 2018)


This is possible thanks to the reflection and dialogue between the members of the university community that allow us to take advantage, in an intelligent way, of scientific and technological advances. Panamericana seeks to streamline the teaching and learning processes to achieve personal and professional excellence in our students and graduates and, in this way, contribute significantly to the formation of competent people committed to the common good. (UP Educational Model, 2017)


The four pillars that underpin our Educational Model:


Christian identity that focuses all attention on the individual and seeks to realise his or her full potential through work well done, the pursuit of truth and a free and autonomous learning style.

Comprehensive education that seeks to harmoniously and coherently develop each and every one of the dimensions of our students.

Person-centred care which, through the university counsellor, provides specific support to each student in their personal and professional development.

University-business-community links as a vehicle for social impact that collaborates in the construction of a better country from university life.


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