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Discover the secrets of entrepreneurship with Arturo Elías Ayub! As part of the presentation of his latest book El Emprendedor: 10 steps to start or boost your business, the prominent Mexican businessman spoke to our university community about the reality of entrepreneurship, its challenges and rewards. Don't miss this inspiring talk that will motivate you to take the first step towards your own business success!

Dr. Marisol Velázquez Salazar, researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the Universidad Panamericana, is part of the TEEB AgriFood Coffee in Mexico project, an initiative based on the study of capital that could contribute to the current political environment of our country and that evaluates agricultural, socioeconomic and environmental priorities.

In the second season of Experts in Series, Paula Gárgoles, PhD in fashion and leader in communication and fashion at Universidad Panamericana, addresses the importance of personal branding and the benefits of developing it, as well as the relevance of investing time and effort in this topic to contribute to a successful professional future.

Learn about the story of Annie Whitney, a Harvard University student who came to Mexico to learn about the legal system in our country during her time at the Panamericana Law School as an exchange student.

Ana Sofía Castañeda Altamirano, singer-songwriter and alumni of the School of Fine Arts (EBA) of the Universidad Panamericana, artistically known as "AnaSof", tells us about her experience during her time at our school and how she managed to realize one of her greatest musical dreams. Learn more about her story in this video!

Andrea Amozurritia, alumni of UP Administration and Finance, today Director of Finance and Sustainability at Grupo Herdez, was recognized by @Forbes as one of the Most Powerful Women in Mexico and distinguished with the SDG Pioneer title from the United Nations Global Compact. With this, Andrea demonstrates that sustainability goes hand in hand with leadership.

Learn about the story of Annie Whitney, a Harvard University student who came to Mexico to learn about the legal system in our country during her time at the Panamericana Law School as an exchange student.

Since he was a child, Mariano García felt a very special connection with music. Today, in addition to being a student at the School of Fine Arts (EBA) of the Universidad Panamericana, he is an orchestra conductor. Learn more about his story!

Carlos Emilio Ramírez, a student of the Law School of Universidad Panamericana, talks about his experience in Law Without Walls, an international competition for innovation in law. Learn more about his project in this video!

Rafael Contreras Grosskelwing is an Industrial Engineering alumnus of Panamericana and CFO of Grupo Alsea. He visited our facilities on the occasion of the inauguration of the new Starbucks in the Mixcoac campus and we took the opportunity to interview him.

In this research, scholars Mariano Navarro and Mindaugas Briedis, from the School of Communication at Universidad Panamericana, address the ways in which religious media ecologies, that is, communication environments marked by elements that can be linked to a religious tradition, allow for certain interaction and communication that go beyond verbal-discursive and rational argumentations.

Marco Arabit, SVP & Co-Head of International Distribution at New Regency Productions, studied Management and Marketing at Universidad Panamericana and has more than 15 years of professional experience in media. In this video he talks about the challenges in the world of audiovisual distribution, which he has faced in his time at companies like Viacom, now Paramount, and Legendary. Learn more about his story! Alumni Today, #AlumniAlways

Lourdes is a proud graduate of Industrial Engineering from Universidad Panamericana, Mexico campus. Her values and global vision have led her to climb within UNILEVER by leaps and bounds and, thanks to this, she has also been recognized as one of "The 100 most powerful women in business in Mexico 2023", according to Expansión magazine.

Ciudad Panamericana consolidates its position as a sustainable campus thanks to LEED certification.

He is CP. Jorge Alegria Formoso, who has more than 35 years of experience in companies such as Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, MetLife and Scotiabank. He is currently CME Group's representative for Mexico and LATAM and talks to us about the development of the Derivatives market in Mexico.

We have a great challenge! It involves us working with today's youth to set goals that will improve our community; forming good citizens, children with values and people who are capable of self-determination. We want a community that goes out and transforms others and hand in hand with character education we will make it possible.

The Bufete Jurídico Gratuito Social, A.C. has been changing lives in Mexico for more than 30 years by providing free legal services to people in vulnerable situations. In this video you will learn the testimony of Alfonso, a man who is finding the solution to his case, thanks to Andrés, a young student at the Law School of Universidad Panamericana, who collaborates with the law firm to gain work experience with a deep conviction: #LiveToServe..

Meet Casandra López, a brilliant graduate of the Bachelor's Degree in Management and Marketing from Universidad Panamericana, who realized her dream of working at Google in Dublin, Ireland thanks to the tools obtained at our university. In this interview, Casandra shares her inspiring success story and reveals the secrets that led her to become an outstanding professional in one of the most influential companies in the world.

The Graduate Programs of Universidad Panamericana offer a comprehensive experience inside and outside the classroom. The academic offer consists of 54 postgraduate programs including specialties, master's degrees, doctorates, management development programs and executive training, where you will find an expert academic faculty, networking opportunities and international experiences that will allow you to perfect your life project.

Dr. Hiram Ponce, Coordinator of the PhD in Artificial Intelligence at Universidad Panamericana, and Mtro. Ismael Medina, Senior Cloud Architecture at Microsoft; help us understand the GPT technology that is revolutionizing the world and placing artificial intelligence in the spotlight.

Today we want to introduce you to Guillermo Casarín, filmmaker and Prepa UP alumni, mastermind behind the documentary "Bad Hombrewood". Find out in this interview how far his passion has taken him.

When the heart is combined with the knowledge of experts and the titanic work of hundreds of volunteers, only a success story can be written. This is how we can describe the memories that, over the course of 8 years, have been engraved on the beneficiaries of the town of Santa Fe in Mexico City, and on those who work at the MAPFRE Community Center-Universidad Panamericana.

Phase I of Ciudad Panamericana has demonstrated the reduction of negative impacts on the environment, the reduction of atmospheric emissions in energy efficiency, excellent waste management and water care, as well as a good indoor environmental quality. As a result, it has obtained LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which validates this campus as a sustainable one.

Fulfilling your dreams is one of the greatest achievements and, when this also helps society, we can talk about. #LivingToServe. Today we celebrate International Nursing Day with the story of our outstanding alumni Karime Jimenez, who took her life project to the field of research and is ready to take an important step beyond our borders. Alumni Today, #AlumniAlways

María Fernanda Haro, head of the Smart Center UP, comments on what to do once you have been hired 100 days after joining a company; likewise, Pamela Montiel, Talent Acquisition Manager and Chief to Staff to OD Director PEPSICO; Valeria Dávalos, HR specialist at Hermés and Santiago Borgaro, Sr. Recruiter LAC - Visa; talk about their experience entering the corporate world and provide recommendations for those who are about to start in the working world on what to do and what to expect.

What was here? This is the question that Maite Lot Goicuría always asked herself as she walked through the Mixcoac campus during her student days. It was this that moved her to approach the founders of Panamericana to explain to them that it was important to know the history of our facilities and it was what led her to become one of the great connoisseurs of our history as a university.

We spoke with mezzo-soprano Elīna Garanča about her visit to our country to give a master class to our students at the School of Fine Arts. In addition to learning about her origins, she talked to us about what it means to be a woman who leaves her mark on the world of classical music.

The Interdisciplinary Group of Feminist Studies of the Universidad Panamericana, GIEF, promotes a person-centered feminism and is currently composed of 27 academics from the Aguascalientes, Mexico City and Guadalajara campuses. Get to know the project and join this group that is transcending steadily as one more contribution to the feminisms of the 21st century in Mexico.

As part of International Women's Day, we introduce you to Ximena Girón, Mechanical Engineering student, who talks about her experience in breaking gender barriers in a career where the female perspective is increasingly more important. #WomenTransformingTheWorld

Vania Aldrete Cortez, PhD in Psychology and research professor at Universidad Panamericana, conducted a study on the risks of SARS-CoV-2 in infants. Her research focuses on whether the children of mothers infected with COVID-19 could be affected in their neurodevelopment.

Paula Gárgoles, PhD in fashion, and Aranxa Lobato, Hospitality Manager, share with you the importance of implementing your personal brand from university life in order to enhance your professional image from now on. This is a co-production of the MediaLab of the School of Communication and the Institutional Communication area of the Universidad Panamericana. Are you ready for the UPgrade?

Learn about "Sly" Onyejiaka's career and motivations as a saxophonist and professor at the Pan American School of Fine Arts.

In this fifth capsule, Dr. Vicente De Haro recapitulates the four previous editions and proposes actions to promote a culture of dialogue. In such a fast-paced world, it is well worth stepping on the brakes and rethinking whether we are engaging in dialogue or unilateral communication. We invite you to join this effort of the Panamericana and open the way to a healthier conversation with the sole objective of continuing to grow together.

Christmas is one of the most awaited times for everyone, and every year at Panamericana we try to celebrate it in a special way. This time we do it with a very special production where students from the School of Fine Arts, the Symphony Orchestra of the Universidad Panamericana and students from the School of Communication collaborated.

Alfredo, Antonio and Juan are part of the program Colabore de Compromiso Social, in alliance with Pavarur A.C., which seeks to contribute to the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Thanks to this program, the three young people are currently part of the staff of Café Diseño at Universidad Panamericana. Get to know them in this video!

One of Panamericana's maxims is to put knowledge at the service of others; today, with 55 years of history, effort, dedication and teamwork, we can say that we are achieving it. In this video we show you a little of what we have done in social matters thanks to the support of our entire community, from incubating companies to building houses.

Alfredo, Antonio and Juan are part of the program Colabore de Compromiso Social, in alliance with Pavarur A.C., which seeks to contribute to the labor inclusion of people with disabilities. Thanks to this program, the three young people are currently part of the staff of Café Diseño at Universidad Panamericana. Get to know them in this video!

To learn about the categorization of professors and how it helps us to achieve our institutional research objectives, Aranza Cerezo, president of the UP Alumni Society interviewed Dr. Hiram Ponce, Senior Researcher D at UP.

In recognition of their vast experience, Ignacio Flores and Victor Bello, collaborators of the Security area of our Universidad Panamericana, were selected to form the Honor Guard during the first Opening Ceremony of the course. Learn more about their story.
Within the framework of the Symposium "Leaders of Change", organized by the Career Services area of Universidad Panamericana, we spoke with Roberto Cabezas (labeled), Director of this same area at the University of Navarra, and he explained to us the skills that today make the profile of a recent graduate more attractive to companies.

Through the project "Mexican Women Cooking for Ukraine" of the NGO World Central Kitchen, Maricarmen Rivas, Outreach Manager of Ciudad Panamericana, had the opportunity to contribute her grain of sand to feed 70,000 Ukrainian migrants.

In this episode of "The Sound of Science" we talk about Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Industry 4.0 and its applications in food, with the participation of Dr. Claudia Sanchez, research secretary at the Faculty of Engineering UP AGS and Dr. Julieta Dominguez, professor-researcher, UP AGS.

Can virtual reality help reduce a patient's perception of pain? In order to find out the difference in pain reduction and response in their vital signs, experts from Universidad Panamericana conducted research that employs the use of virtual reality in medical procedures.

Meet Karla Wheelock, the proudly Mexican social entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and mountaineer who has dedicated her professional career to linking the world of high performance sports with superior corporate performance through training, motivation and leadership development. Play and be inspired by her story of life at altitude!

"From the UP School of Medicine to the swimming lane! ‍
José Villela, who is an alumni, outstanding professor and therapist at the Clinical Psychology Unit of our university, has a new challenge: to bring the gold medal from the Lima 2019 Parapan American Games. Get to know his story of resilience and, if you see him around campus, don't hesitate to show him your support in this sporting event."