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Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation



This is the UP's entrepreneurship and business incubation programme, which aims to support the transfer of results from university education to society and markets, through the training of entrepreneurs and the development of products and services with high added value that lead to the creation of high-impact companies.




The aim of the Entrepreneurship Centre is to contribute to the development of a favourable environment that supports the creation of high-impact start-ups, especially among university students and graduates.


  • Support highly innovative business projects.
  • Encourage the transfer of knowledge and technological development from student communities to society and business.
  • Promote a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Promote a culture of industrial property protection.



  1. Business and Administrative Training
  2. Financial Management
  3. Consultancy or supervision for the generation of the Business Plan
  4. Coworking Spaces (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre)
  5. Legal, tax and/or accounting advice
  6. Media coverage (Radio and TV)
  7. Commercial Consultancy (Clients, Suppliers and Market Research)
  8. Networking
  9. Design and development of products and services


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