Universidad Panamericana | Media Lab

Media Lab

Development of experimentation and practice

Available at: Mexico City Campus, Aguascalientes Campus

Media Lab Universidad Panamericana® is the media innovation and experimentation laboratory of the School of Communication at the Mexico campus. This lab offers a unique academic experience for the students of the Bachelor's Degree in Communication at this campus.


In the beginning, the labs were known as MediosUP and focused on teaching radio, television, film, press, and photography, in a disintegrated approach, similar to mass media. In 2019, the labs merged to create a single space for the academic and professional development of our students.


Media Lab students and participants are comprehensively trained in the production of audiovisual products, sound design, social media, digital marketing, advertising campaigns, research, design, writing, post-production and story creation in a visual storytelling format rather than specialising in a single area.