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Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality and Administration

The Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality at Universidad Panamericana aims to train women with a managerial vision, with an executive mentality and with specialized skills.

The students of our university study in facilities that are highly certified by the Ministry of Tourism.

We have a specialised programme, qualified teachers in different areas of hospitality and agreements with the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon France and a double degree with the César Ritz College in Switzerland.

Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management and Hospitality Venues
  1. Guadalajara


SEP 20230088 dated 18-Jan-2023, 2021 plan, schooling modality, Guadalajara campus.


An applicant for a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality should have the conviction to serve professionally in the tourism sector and above all include the following attributes in his or her personality:

  • Planning, management and organisational skills
  • Show a spirit of service that is always active
  • Interest in and application of numerical skills
  • Leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Creativity
  • Ability to express him/herself in different languages.


As a graduate of Hospitality at Universidad Panamericana you will be able to:

  • To develop in the world of work with a broad professional, ethical and socially responsible performance.
  • Understand the provision of services under a comprehensive and integrated management scheme of Integrating and leading multidisciplinary working groups.
  • Working under pressure and transforming this into excellent results.
  • Achieve objectives under structured leadership in order to successfully complete the projects under his/her responsibility.
  • Finding solutions to specific problems, implementing creativity and initiative to solve them.
  • Detect market trends and execute effective work plans with a global vision.
  • Understand the application and use of industrial equipment for food preparation and preservation. Likewise for the maintenance and hygiene of facilities.
  • Supervise the proper functioning of various food and beverage areas in the hospitality industry.
  • Correct use of software implemented in hotels, restaurants and other tourism-related services.

"Professional, academic and personal growth is what the exchanges offered by the programme give you.

Valeria Navarro, class of 2015-2020. 

"Studying at ESDAI gives you everything. It is a very complete career.

Maricarmen Castro, class of 2011-2015. 

"Studying at UP, besides the high academic level, gave me different contacts that I now use in my networking".

Daniela Silva, class of 2012-2016. 

"Studying at ESDAI gave me all the foundations to start my own business".

María Fernanda Alarcón. 

"Define ESDAI in one word? Service".

Natalia González, class of 2011-2015. 

"Studying at UP, besides the high academic level, gave me different contacts that I now use in my networking".

Daniela Silva, class of 2012-2016