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The School of Management of Institutions, ESDAI offers you the opportunity to study the degree in Administration and Hospitality as well as graduate courses, diploma courses and short courses. With more than 45 years of experience, ESDAI has a unique curriculum in the world that enhances the managerial qualities of women. Our permanent education area provides training to public and private sector companies in Mexico and abroad.



To train women with mentality, skills and management vision capable of making hospitality manifest as a way of life in institutions and service companies, preparing them for a professional, ethical and socially responsible performance.



To be one of the five best Hospitality Schools in the world with international recognition.



An applicant for a degree in Administration and Hospitality must have the following characteristics:

  • Leadership
  • Service spirit
  • Management capacity
  • Planning and organization skills
  • Social adaptation
  • Creativity Ease in interpersonal relationships
  • Language skills



A graduate of the UP Administration and Hospitality degree is able to:

  • Integrate and direct work groups for the provision of services
  • Develop effective work plans to detect market trends
  • Use qualified industrial equipment in the service area
  • Properly handle the software used in the hospitality industry
  • Direct the operation of food and beverage areas
  • Carry out their activities with a spirit of service, professionalism and social responsibility





Cuerpo académico ESDAI

Nuestro claustro es de gran calidad y altura internacional, conformado por profesionales de prestigio en su propio ámbito.

Investigación ESDAI

Actualmente investigadoras de la licenciatura trabajan en el proyecto: Formulación, desarrollo y caracterización de un producto horneado “tipo pan de caja” apto para individuos celiacos incorporando ingredientes funcionales.

La línea de investigación a la que pertenece es Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos.


Este proyecto es relevante dentro de la ciencia de los alimentos y la cultura gastronómica, por lo cual se cuenta con la colaboración de dos Academias: la Academia de Gastronomía y la Academia de Ciencias.



En la Universidad Panamericana nuestros profesores investigadores generan análisis de temas de interés para nuestra sociedad.  Consulta en este apartado libros, publicaciones en revistas, periódicos, ponencias y otros. 




The course of Administration and Hospitality from the School of Management of Institutions, ESDAI at Universidad Panamericana has been certified again (2012-2017) before the university community by an institution in Mexico as prestigious as is the National Council for the Quality of Toursims Education CONAET. This is the result of a several months effort from a tenacious and persevering team whose final result is to know that the academic work in ESDAI fulfills the quality requirements established by such association. 

Obtaining this accreditation allowed to introspect the essence of the institution, make a stop and reflect about the pillars on which ESDAI rests; it is a unique institution in the world whose cornerstone is service, attention to the individual and hospitality.

This is the era of service and the person is the axis of organizations. That is why it is important to highlight the hallmark of ESDAI which consists of its academic program focused on the service to the individual and on women competition to take them to the working field and to the industry without chimney.

Dr. Nancy Rosado Gómez, director of the school of hospitality of Universidad Panamericana (ESDAI), has stated that "ESDAI's prestige in the country and abroad is being consolidated and reinforced by this accreditation."




The National Chamber of Restaurants and Food Condiments (Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados), gave ESDAI special recognition as Award for Entreprenurial Merit, which demonstrated that through its valuable contributions, outstanding work and successful business career, it has contributed decisively to dignify, strenghten and consolidate the National restaurant industry as an important source of national weatlh and progress.

The Restaurant Industry Association presented special recognition to ESDAI for its consistent academic excellence during 40 years; it has contributed through its graduates to dignify, strengthen and consolidate the national restaurant industry.

The National Tourist Confederation gave recognition to ESDAI for 40 years of developing professional women for the exciting hospitality industry.

The Food Bank for All, Private Assistance Institution, gave ESDAI recognition for its 18 years of constant work during which it has proven social responsibility and trust in this project.

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That our journey in this world not be useless...

A project which will allow ESDAI's candidates and students with intellectual potential and economic difficulties to access or continue their high-level university education.

With your generous contribution you will help to develop women who will influence family, company and society possitively once they finish their university education.

"Cara a Cara" program

Grant one semester-long full or partial scholarship to a student with high academic performance.

Receipt of tax-deductible donation is given.

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