Universidad Panamericana | UP Law holds seminar on Judicial Independence
UP Law holds seminar on Judicial Independence

Mexico City, February 29, 2024.- The School of Law of the Universidad Panamericana held the Seminar on Judicial Independenceheld in the Aula Magna of our university, where distinguished speakers addressed the vital importance of this principle in the Mexican and global context.

For this event, Alberto Abad Suárez, Manuel Acuña, Imer Flores Mendoza, Mariana Pilar Hernández and Miluska Orbegoso Silva offered in-depth analysis and enriching reflections on the subject.

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Fernando Batista Jiménez, Director of the School of Lawsaid: "Defending judicial independence is indispensable for the guarantee of human rights for all.

UP Law holds seminar on Judicial Independence

Measures to strengthen judicial independence

Alberto Abad Suárez, researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Políticas de Honduras, explored the recent evolution of judicial independence in Mexico and divided his presentation into two parts: he addressed both judicial independence in recent years and jurisdictional legalities, focusing on the recommendations of the Inter-American Commission on Judicial Independence.

Abad identified three key moments in Mexico's recent history: from the submission of the Judiciary to the Executive to a period of "healthy distance" in 1995, and, more recently, a worrying "clash of powers" from 2023. He proposed measures to strengthen judicial independence, highlighting the need for de-escalation of the conflict, disengagement from political parties and protection of rights to increase legitimacy.

UP Law holds seminar on Judicial Independence

Threats to judicial independence

Manuel Acuña, research professor at Universidad Panamericana, focused on the threats to judicial independence, especially in the context of the appointment of judges and ministers.

Acuña stressed the importance of judicial independence as an essential condition for the respect of fundamental rights, the division of powers and democracy. He raised reflections on the internal normative commitment of the judiciary, the lack of tolerance and the need to get closer to the citizens.

While Imer Flores Mendoza, researcher at UNAM's Institute of Legal Research, highlighted the historical importance of judicial independence and its implication in crucial decisions, such as the Televisa law. He emphasized the need to limit power through the division of powers and advocated for the technical, financial and managerial independence of the judiciary.

UP Law holds seminar on Judicial Independence

Trends in constitutionalism

Dr. Mariana Pilar Hernández, researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Científicas, broadened the perspective by addressing trends in contemporary constitutionalism.

He pointed out threats not only in Mexico but also in Europe and Latin America, highlighting cases such as Venezuela, Ecuador and Honduras. Hernández expressed his concern about institutional regression and the need for effective democratic controls in the face of undue intervention.

Finally, Miluska Orbegoso Silva, researcher at the Law School of Universidad Panamericana, closed the seminar by exploring judicial independence from a historical and conceptual perspective.

He highlighted its importance since the revolutions of the 18th century and stressed the need for an impartial and neutral judge. Orbegoso Silva stressed that judicial independence is a means to achieve justice and an essential element of the rule of law.

An integral vision

The Seminar on Judicial Independence at Universidad Panamericana offered a comprehensive and critical view of the current situation and potential threats to judicial independence.

The experts urged the promotion of concrete measures to strengthen this fundamental pillar of the rule of law, reminding those present of the importance of maintaining an independent judicial system to ensure a just and democratic society.

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