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Bonaterra Community

What is Bonaterra Community?

It is a space that reflects the spirit of service and social commitment of the Universidad Panamericana Campus Aguascalientes. Bonaterra Community is a social project of community development that seeks to make Aguascalientes a responsible and supportive place, through the improvement of the social fabric of vulnerable areas, making the population the promoter of their own change and development.

The Bonaterra Community project was born from researching and analysing the different social problems and needs in different areas of Aguascalientes, seeking to create a replicable social model that promotes the integral development of people and turns them into agents of change.

The main problems and social needs that are addressed through our programmes and projects are: dropout and educational backwardness, vandalism, drug addiction, domestic violence, lack of educational and employment opportunities, among others. The population that is directly served is located in the eastern area of the city of Aguascalientes; among the different neighbourhoods are: Miradores de las Culturas, La Hojarasca, Laurales, Cumbres I, II and III, Pericos, Villas de las Fuentes, Solidaridad I and II, and Bajío de Las Palmas.

Bonaterra Community is a comprehensive project based on social action that, through social justice, aims to promote the well-being and prosperity of families in Aguascalientes, especially in the eastern area, to ensure the reduction of social inequalities and a comprehensive human and dignified development.

Some of the objectives of Comunidad Bonaterra:

  • Promote the full integral development of the families of Aguascalientes, in their different dimensions, with dignity.
  • Create a replicable social intervention model to reduce poverty and social inequalities.
  • Promote that all people can exercise their rights, under a healthy social coexistence.
  • Promote inclusive, equitable and quality education for a well-rounded education that ensures greater opportunities for growth.
  • The homes of Aguascalientes families should be decent places that are livable, safe and accessible.
  • Ensuring quality of life through health and health care services.
  • Encourage decent work that allows people to develop and grow in their social environment. Promote access to job opportunities with fair economic retribution.
  • Having access to affordable legal justice
  • Among others

During the last period of work (January-December 2021) we obtained the following results:

  • A total of 16 training programmes were provided, which promote comprehensive education for children and young people.
  • Total participation of 25 volunteers.
  • Total number of direct beneficiary participants throughout the year: 601 children and young people attending Club Ingenia Más+ programmes.
  • Total beneficiary families: 179 families
  • Participants to events (sporadic) 415 participants
  • TOTAL BENEFICIARIES 1,911 people
  • Strategic alliances with companies, associations, private and public institutions.

Coming soon:

We have a space that will be available to the community for the development of academic and training programmes and the provision of advice on various topics of interest according to the needs of families. Such as a psycho-pedagogical office, legal office, tax, accounting and business consulting, advice for the construction of a decent home, among others. Starts in February 2022.

Construction will begin on the first Bonaterra Community headquarters in Mirador de las Culturas.

How does the Bonaterra Community project support itself?

We have the participation of the UP volunteers association; UNETE (university students in all their expression). As well as the volunteerism of collaborators of the Panamerican University and friendly organisations such as Fundación Maratón AC, Amexme AC (Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs), Aguascalientes Gran Visión AC, Fundación Compartamos, among others.

We conduct fundraising campaigns involving a variety of donors.

We invite you to be part of this great project by donating the most important thing "yourself"; your time, ideas, enthusiasm, heart, experience and material resources.

We have a project that suits you and what you can share.

Information: 449 361 7349