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Find out more details about the semester abroad exchange program HERE.


  • Pacific Alliance Scholarship: Scholarships can be requested to support semester-long exchanges specifically in Chile, Colombia and Peru.
  • ELAP Scholarship: The Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP) scholarship provides financial support for a semester exchange specifically in Canada.



International Summer in Madrid

Business students can participate in academic programs offered in Madrid by institutions such as IEB and AFI. If you are interested, please contact your academic coordinator.

(Fact: 103 students have had this experience in the summer of 2023).



International Summer Weeks

Students of Finance, Government, Economics and Business & Management can take face-to-face courses at leading universities in the world, such as Nanyang Technological University and the University of Chicago.

(Fact: 143 students have had this experience in the summer of 2023).

Summer language courses abroad

Students who want to learn or improve their French, Italian or German can participate in a great cultural experience abroad. Ask for information at the Language Center.

(Data: 53 students went to France and Italy in the summer of 2023).




The academic areas have several areas open for your professional internship abroad. Consult with your coordinator in advance to find the best option according to your interests and school requirements.



International competitions and projects

In Business and Law, among other areas, relevant international competencies have been identified. Check with your coordinator about the availability of these offers and their curricular value. Examples: Willem C. Vis Moot or Jessup Competition in Law or Case Competition in Business.



Double degrees

Some areas offer the possibility of studying some years at the UP and others at another foreign university and thus graduate with two academic degrees. Students of Business, Law, ESDAI and Engineering already have this option.

At home

International Summer (foreign professors at UP)

Every summer you can take courses with the best international teachers. Don't miss the opportunity to interact with specialists from other accents and perspectives, learn an international vision of your subject and/or improve your English with native teachers.




The COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) methodology is a trend in higher education. During these courses, you develop online projects together with students from another foreign university. Check the offer with your coordinator and live this international experience at home.

(Fact: from August 22 to July 23, 60 COILs were delivered, impacting 1,200 UP students).



International weeks at UP

Students of Finance, Government and Economics and Business & Management can study courses at UP itself, with foreign professors from recognized institutions.

(Fact: in summer 2023, 14 students attended the international week taught by Northwestern University at UP).