Universidad Panamericana | Alumni highlight for research doctorate in Canada
Alumni excels for research doctorate in Canada

Zapopan, Jalisco; February 2, 2023.- Cristóbal Lara is an outstanding Alumni of the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, a graduate of the career of Civil Engineering and AdministrationHe is currently pursuing a doctorate in research at the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Research doctorate

The PhD is based on different research topics in non-destructive testing such as vibration and electromagnetism.

"It's finding the properties of materials in testing as the name says, non-destructive."

Alumni excels for research doctorate in Canada

Challenges overcome

One of the biggest challenges that Cristobal has experienced living in Canada has been the language, however it is a challenge that he has overcome adequately, improving himself day by day.

"I think that in Mexico we have the stigma that we speak English badly, but in Canada it is irrelevant, it is more a matter of losing the fear of it".

Cristobal and the UP

In-career programming classes, basic tools, career skills and academic knowledge, among other things, have been the basis to position Cristobal where he is today.

"It seems like an unreal example, but even the level of excel at Panamericana is a thousand times higher than that of other universities.

The relationships formed within Panamericana among the university community and the sum of the knowledge taught to Cristobal by his professors have been aspects that add positively to his life.

Alumni excels for research doctorate in Canada

"UP has a culture of creating a network between alumni and professors that allows you to move within the same industry."

A specific piece of advice that Cristobal stresses to all those who wish to or are studying Civil Engineering and Administration is not to give up, that is, the first semesters can be complex, but staying true to your profession and your ideals make the difference in university life.

"Sometimes you lose interest, I would recommend you to make study groups among classmates, support each other and once you pass the fourth or fifth semester everything becomes easier".

The Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara congratulates and recognizes Cristobal Lara for being an outstanding graduate and an exemplary human being.