Universidad Panamericana | Alumni excels in construction in Qatar
Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

Zapopan, Jalisco; November 23, 2022.- Andrés Villaseñor Cortina is an outstanding graduate of the Universidad Panamericana campus Guadalajara, for the career of Civil Engineering and Administration He has been part, among many great works, of the construction of two stadiums for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. "I live here in the world, I travel all over the world doing projects, but my home base is Guadalajara.

Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

Stadium construction

Andrés has collaborated in the construction of Chivas' Akron stadium, the coating of the Territorio Santos Modelo, the remodeling of Puebla's Cuauhtémoc stadium and other projects in Chile and Colombia, affirming that his passion for stadium construction stems from "the great opportunities that exist in these projects plus the passion for being involved in sports".

Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

In 2016, Andrés Villaseñor had the opportunity to work on the construction of two soccer stadiums for the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the Lusail stadium, where Mexico will play against Argentina and Saudi Arabia, and the Ahmed Bin Ali stadium, where the final will be held. He describes this experience as "incomparable" because he lived in a completely different country in terms of religion and customs.

However, one of the challenges he faced in the construction of the stadiums was the extreme temperatures:

"All of our jobs were at the top of the stadium and there was no shade, so we had to get used to hybrid work schedules.In winter seasons, we could work all day with mandatory breaks every 2 hours."

Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

A source of inspiration for Andrés throughout his life has been his family. "My grandfather was an engineer and the talks with my father about how he was transforming parts of Guadalajara caught my attention. . The idea of studying civil engineering comes from the desire to transform things and somehow improve the environment.

The Panamericana has had a positive impact on Andres' career, the tools obtained through his professors have been a key point for his professional development, in the same way, some of his professors have the aspiration to not only be a local issue but to see beyond without any kind of limitation.

One impact that Andres Villaseñor had within the Panamericana was designing the Deck cafeteria, as well as the facade of the ESDAI building.

Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

The Panamerican in its formation

The training, the way of working, knowing how to work as a team, being loyal, and being fair have been values of Panamericana that have marked the professional and personal life of Andrés.... "All the values that one learns in an institution like Universidad Panamericana, apart from the technical part, are part of the legacy that I learned from the University".

"Don't put limits on yourselves," is one piece of advice Andres gives to the university community to move forward and do their best in every aspect of their lives.

Alumni excels in construction in Qatar

"Many times as Mexicans we see companies or people of other nationalities and we think they are more capable, we have the same learning, the same capacity and we are capable of being one on one with anyone in the world," he concluded .

The Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara is proud of the successful trajectory that has been built over time by Alumni Andrés Villaseñor Cortina, of the Civil Engineering and Administration career, and wishes him the greatest success in his future professional projects.