Universidad Panamericana | Character is Destiny: Ninfa Salinas visits Ciudad UP
Character is Destiny: Ninfa Salinas visits UP City

Mexico City, October 26, 2022.- Ciudad Panamericana welcomed Ninfa Salinas, current president of Grupo Dragón, president of the Advisory Board of Fundación Azteca and vice-president of the Executive Committee of Grupo Salinas, to its facilities to give the conference Character is Destiny.

Ninfa Salinas at UP

During the event, Ninfa shared her vision and that of Fundación Azteca, from where she seeks to promote education with a focus on freedom, innovation and creativity in all the educational and environmental programs that the foundation carries out. In addition, she talked with students about her extensive experience and business knowledge in the country.

Character is Destiny: Ninfa Salinas visits UP City

The importance of character

Ninfa began her lecture by asking the students: where do they see themselves in the future and what kind of solutions are they going to propose to society? In this way she explained the difference between personality, temperament and character.

He pointed out that character is something that is formed throughout one's life and that one has to work on it daily, but that it is necessary to give it orientation, since it will be the only one that will help each one to face life's problems.

He also stated that it is the one that defines you in the eyes of others and motivates you to do things and pointed out that the origin of each person does not define their destiny: "your character will be in charge of defining it". He also explained that it is the most powerful tool we have, affirming, from his business experience, that it can open many doors.

Character is Destiny: Ninfa Salinas visits UP City

Influencing others

Likewise, Salinas invited the students to give politics a try at some point in their lives: "being actively involved in your country is the only way to make things really change," he said.

Finally, Ninfa spoke about the circles of prosperity, the importance they have in society and how each individual person has a positive influence on others . At this point, she mentioned the support that her foundation provides to more than 10,000 children, helping them to build character and thus propel them to success.

Undoubtedly an enriching and reflective conference that led the students of Ciudad Panamericana to meditate on how to empower themselves through character and turn it into the engine of success they seek as young university students.

Character is Destiny: Ninfa Salinas visits UP City