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Presentan nuevo doctorado en Inteligencia Artificial

Ciudad de México, 18 de enero de 2021.- Desde hace unos años, la Facultad de Ingenierías de la Universidad Panamericana (UP) ha comenzado a enfocarse en la ciencia de datos e inteligencia artificial, es por ello que finalmente el pa

Concluye diplomado La Infraestructura de la Calidad en México

Ciudad de México, 14 de enero de 2021.- El pasado 12 de diciembre el área de posgrados de la Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Panamericana (UP), concluyó con éxito la primera edición del diplomado en línea La Infrae

UP University Life is the department which seeks that all members of the community -faculty, students, and staff- participate in activities organized by the University and the students. Our goal is for all members to identify with UP.


Here you will find a list of activities and options so that you, too, can be a part of University Life.

The Office of Student Services has proposed as its mission to offer efficient and quality service always aligned with educational standards. In this way, your academic career will not be limited by problems related to academic administration.

The procedures we carry out are:

Validation of academic records and documents related to enrollment.

Validation of grades after each term.

Certification and legalization of your studies, before the Secretariat of Public Education.

Management and follow up in regards to degree granting procedures.