International Students

Una perspectiva amplia y compleja es la que presenta el mundo globalizado. Realidades dinámicas, gestión en la incertidumbre e intercambios culturales son algunos de los retos que tienen que enfrentar los alumnos de la Universidad Panamericana para formar parte de la comunidad internacional. Existen Intercambios Out-going y los llamados In-comming, de tal modo que podrás tomar uno o dos semestres en el extranjero, además de que en la Universidad Panamericana se reciben año con año estudiantes de diversas Universidades con los que podrás intercambiar ideas y enriquecer tu formación.

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Our mission is to develop thoroughly-prepared professionals who demonstrate deep knowledge of their field of study, and also have nurtured a healthy self-esteem and respect for fundamental human values. In May 1995, Universidad Bonaterra became the third campus of Panamericana University system. The campus in Aguascalientes has striven for academic excellence since its inception. It has reached out to the international academic community by participating in student exchange programs at  both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

In this section you will find all the information required in order  to be part of an Academic Exchange at Universidad Panamericana, just follow the steps and meet the requirements.


Our university has been committed to universal values and open to all who wish to receive high quality education. UP Guadalajara has enrolled international students from North America, South America, Asia and Europe, comprising currently 2% of the student body.



Universidad Panamericana has a distinct Global perspective aiming to have a high percentage of International students on campus and 100 percent of our national students to have at least one experience abroad during their undergraduate course. To accomplish this goal we offer to UP students a variety of summer courses abroad and, of course, the possibility to spend an exchange semester abroad.