Universidad Panamericana | Transforming Water Management in Mexico
Transforming Water Management in Mexico

As a result of the collaboration between the School of Engineering, the School of Business, the School of Pedagogy and Psychology at Universidad Panamericana Guadalajara Campus and the Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte, an interdisciplinary research-action project has been created with water operators in Mexico.

What does the project consist of?

The project focuses on planning and developing a community of practice for water operators. These communities are venues where professionals working in these entities share the best practices implemented in their institutions, with the objective of benefiting the community in general.  The initiative seeks to promote inter-agency collaboration to improve water management practices.


Water operators, despite being critical entities for the water supply to the population in the municipalities, face noticeable weaknesses. These challenges include budgetary, administrative, communication with the population, and human talent management.

“We have identified a number of issues, but we believe this project can make a significant contribution to the community of interest. This will allow for entities to exchange better experiences and solve problems efficiently.” – Dr. Hugo Briseño, professor at the School of Business.

Transforming Water Management in Mexico

Collaboration and Benefits

Collaboration with the eight water operators was made possible through Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte, with which it is expected to obtain benefits through the organization of communities and the strengthening of relations with the entities.

Collaboration with Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte has played a critical role, providing financial resources for the organization of communities and facilitating relations with entities. Their support has become essential for the successful development of the project.


To ensure effective development, fundamental strategies have been implemented, ranging from facilitating communication between the entities, encouraging the exchange of issues and best practices, to the successful integration of the entities into this community, a crucial achievement to ensure that these communities can function independently in the future.

Goals achieved

Up to this point in the development of the project, significant achievements have been made, such as the creation and consolidation of communities, the production of a digital platform, syllabus design and the successful development of a workshop at the ANEAS convention with over 70 participants.

Transforming Water Management in Mexico

Work Team

The team is made of professors from the School of Pedagogy and Psychology, Professor Julián Ochoa and Dr. Ligia García, Dr. Hugo Briseño from the School of Business, and from the School of Engineering, Professor Rodrigo Navarro, Dr. Miguel Alcaráz and Alumni Alma Juárez.

Rodrigo and Dr. Hugo are specialists in technical aspects related to the entities, Dr. Miguel Álcaraz is the creator of the digital platform, while Dr. Julian and Dr. Ligia have contributed to the pedagogical design of the communities. Alumni Alma Juárez stands out as the administrative manager of the project.

The collaboration among professors has been very enriching, because the different points of view we have had from the business, technical and pedagogical sectors, has enriched a year-long work process, so that we can contribute and collaborate with the community.”     -Rodrigo Navarro, professor of the School of Engineering.

This alliance between Universidad Panamericana and Fundación Gonzalo Río Arronte not only represents team effort, but also strong commitment to our social responsibility. This project reflects a real commitment to our community and the environment.