Universidad Panamericana | Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, the Musical
Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

Mexico City, January 25, 2024. School of Fine Arts (EBA) of the Universidad Panamericana presents its first musical theater production of Romeo and Juliet, the musical Romeo and Juliet, the musicalan adaptation of William Shakespeare's play, with iconic music and lyrics by French composer Gérard Presgurvic.

Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

High level production

Performed by students, Pre-College students, graduates and graduates with honorable mention of the Bachelor's Degree in Music and InnovationRomeo and Juliet, the musical is presented for the first time in Mexico City. Its direction and creative team promises not to disappoint, as it is composed of great references of musical theater in Mexico:

  • Irasema Terrazas in vocal direction and adaptation, actress and teacher with a career spanning 34 years, currently plays the role of Empress in the musical Anastasia OCESA's musical Anastasia.
  • Isaac Saúl as musical director, who has worked in plays such as Mamma Mia, Fiddler on the Roof, Wicked, Les Miserables, The Lion King and Chicago, among others. He is currently the musical director of Anastasia.
  • Mauricio García Lozano, stage director, has directed more than 60 productions, including Vaselina, with Timbiriche.
  • Miguel Santa Rita is also a stage director, who has been part of the creative team of more than 30 theatrical productions.
  • Jacobo Toledo in choreographic direction, whose work was nominated for best choreography at the 2018 Metropolitan Theater Awards for Bule Bule, el Show.
  • Ramón Cadaval (stage combat direction), who has been combat choreographer in Peter Pan the musical, The Black Dahlia, Billy Elliot, among others.


Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

"As part of the executive production and production assistantship there are also graduates of the EBA's Master's Degree in Management, as well as the Bachelor's Degree," explains Irasema Terrazas.

Romeo and Juliet, a challenging musical

Irasema says that what motivated EBA to stage this musical was that it is a vocally and acting challenging title, as well as being representative of theatrical and musical literature. "Therefore, it is formative from all possible angles for our university students, in addition to being a striking work for all kinds of audiences," he says.

Likewise, the vocal director specifies that the musical theater genre is the show that requires more scenographic support: scenery, audio, lighting and a theater that has the technical qualities for such requirements, in equipment and space. In addition to including other theatrical work tools such as costumes, props and image design.

Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

"In combination with the above, the artists that make up a musical theater cast develop skills in different areas and integrate them simultaneously in an interdisciplinary way in themselves, that quality is called Triple Threat in the artistic field; that is, they have to know how to sing, act and dance," he says.

But that's not all, as he reveals that the cast has been trained in a fourth discipline: stage combat, which is used in theater, film and television. "Therefore, our artists are able to integrate different arts in order to play one or more characters," he says.

Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

A formative production

Irasema also talks about another challenge that the young actors have had to face: "Vocally speaking, musical theater is one of the most demanding, in terms of vocal technique (air control, phrasing, register), that a singer of contemporary pop genres can face in a professional career".

"In our staging all the music is performed live (singers and orchestra with pop rock ensemble), while the cast combines the arts mentioned (singing, acting, dancing and stage combat)," he notes.

Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

In addition, he reveals that the cast began their preparation with the analysis of Shakespeare's original play, while in another classroom they began the detailed study of the score with the adapted libretto and, in another space, also with physical training for dance and combat. "In other words, all the members of the cast were involved in a parallel process of the different artistic areas for many months".

Since it is a university production, she also teaches at the EBA and speaks of several objectives of this montage: the professionalization of the young participants, the sampling of the artistic level of the preparation offered by the School of Fine Arts of the UP and resonance in the professional artistic field.

Bellas Artes UP presents Romeo and Juliet, The Musical

Setting a milestone in the performing arts

"We wish to join the musical-theatrical ranks of the current national billboard, with the expansion that the results are created in our university classrooms," notes Irasema.

And as for those attending the play, he says: "We hope that the souls who accompany us from the seats will be rewarded with great emotions for this story. We look forward to full performances behind this hard artistic work".

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Learn more about ABE at: https://www.up.edu.mx/universidad-escuela-de-bellas-artes/