Universidad Panamericana | Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots
Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots

Mexico City, February 12, 2024.- The School of Communication of the University of Mexico ( Escuela de Comunicación de la Universidad Panamericana is proud to present its first medium-length film: Puntos Ciegosa work that marks a historic milestone for our school.

The film, produced by the school's MediaLab , is the result of the collaboration of Communication students, who played key roles in areas such as art, wardrobe, photography and direction under the supervision of Mtro. Christian Díaz Rodríguez, professor of Film Production and Audiovisual Narrative and in charge of the film lab.

Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots

Films with UP seal: learning opportunity

In an interview, Mr. Díaz Rodríguez shared his experiences and reflections on this project. He emphasized that the production process provided the students with valuable lessons, from the organization and management of a shoot to the importance of teamwork and efficient coordination.

The professor also underscored the relevance of generating cinematographic pieces under the Pan American seal, emphasizing that cinematographic art is a powerful means to stimulate and impact viewers emotionally and intellectually.

Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots

He noted that creating films of their own is a way to explore and create meaningful connections that encourage reflection and dialogue in the university community. "This is part of the exploration and creation that we at MediaLab and the School of Communication seek to foster," he stated.

Regarding the challenges and achievements faced during the production, the professor mentioned the need to reconcile the artistic vision with budgetary constraints, as well as the coordination of the team in terms of time and ideal cast.

Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots

What is Puntos Ciegos about?

According to the teacher, the central idea of the medium-length film was to explore and reflect on human behavior. This is done through a character who is forced to confront his environment and himself, in the midst of a situation that threatens his psycho-affective state.

He also explains: "(...) different manifestations in the story bring up issues of mental health, couple relationships, responsibility and the awakening of conscience, the ethics of hospital care, as well as masculinity and friendship, in a clash of desires and wills, fears and revelations".

Christian notes that he hopes that Puntos Ciegos invites introspection and broadens conversations about the issues it addresses; and, at the same time, encourages more filmmaking in our community. That is why he invites the entire Panamericana community to the screening scheduled for February 15 at Jardín Central, after which there will be a Meet & Greet with the director and the production team, accompanied by special guests.

Media Lab UP presents Blind Spots

Looking ahead

The medium-length film not only represents an artistic work, but also an opportunity for academic and professional growth for future Panamericana communicologists.

Looking to the future, Mtro. Díaz Rodríguez revealed that they are already in the final stage of post-production of a new MediaLab short film and are beginning pre-production on another project.

Similarly, he notes that students in the Film Production class continue to develop semester-long productions that contribute to the film scene at Universidad Panamericana.

Learn more about the School of Communication at: https://www.up.edu.mx/educacion-universidad-escuela-de-comunicacion/