Universidad Panamericana | Discovery day, an opportunity to learn from Amazon AWS
Discovery day, an opportunity to learn from Amazon AWS

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Discovery Day aims to bring the basic fundamentals of a concept that is used in all areas, professional and academic, which is cloud computing.

That is why on September 27th, Universidad Panamericana, thanks to the agreement it has with Amazon's AWS cloud service, will provide our Pan-American community with a training with official recognition to the participants, which will allow them to learn the basics of cloud computing.

Discovery day, an opportunity to learn from Amazon AWS

Part of our agreement

On September 21, Panamerican celebrated the signing of a new signing of a social impact with Amazon, whose objective is to promote cloud technology skills in our university community.

As part of this agreement, our university has carried out several events and projects:

  1. Workshop for researchers: around 50 researchers from the different campuses joined the Amazon Workshop structured in three phases:

a. Value proposition of cloud computing in research. Cases and resources.

b. Core Cloud Services.

c. Cloud data applications.


  1. Quantum Computing Workshop: 15 researchers, graduate students and research assistants conducted a quantum computing workshop whose objective, in addition to the introduction to this complex topic, allowed to learn about Amazon Bracket, the AWS quantum computing tool.
  2. All members of the Digital Transformation team started AWS cloud training.
  3. On August 7, a call for research using cloud resources donated by AWS was opened.

Amazon Web Discovery Day

This event is part of one of the strategic lines of the Institutional Center for Educational Innovation, which aims to facilitate the development of soft skills and digital competencies that complement the academic training of students and teachers.

The training will be held online, if you are interested in participating we invite you to register here.