Universidad Panamericana | Take Care of Your Wellness and Develop Your Talent in the UP
Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

Mexico City, August 8, 2022.- The word wellbeing is defined as the state or situation of satisfaction or happiness that we achieve. As is well known, since its foundation,Universidad Panamericana has distinguished itself for having an educational model that, in addition to focusing on academic excellence, is centeredon the individual and therefore is concerned about his or her wellbeing.

That is why he is interested in providing support to his student body so that during their time at this university, they can achieve their academic and personal goals.

For your well-being, they are there to listen to you

Need some advice? At Panamericana you will find the following figures that you can approach whenever you need them:

1) Secretary and Coordinator of Student Affairs: they are the first contact during your stay at UP. Their mission is to follow up on your academic performance and university integration, as well as to guide you in the administrative and formative processes.

2) University advisor: since you started your studies at UP, this advisor accompanies you in every stage of your university life. They are prepared to guide you in academic and personal matters in a confidential manner.

3) Faculty, school and degree directors: are there to listen to you and advise you on any concerns you may have. Their doors are always open to you.

Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

Specialized centers

In addition, Panamericana has the following programs that are within your reach and offer personalized and professional attention:

  1. Clinical Psychology Unit

Mental health is something we should all take care of. Here we provide psychological and psychiatric care with human warmth and professional experience. We seek to make a better version of you and improve the quality of life.

  • mx_psicologíaclinica@up.edu.mx
  • (55)54821600 Ext. 6430.
  • WhatsApp to request an appointment: +52 1 55 7992 2313
  • Location: Jerez 20, colonia Insurgentes Mixcoac.


Specialists in psychiatry and public health offer free counseling and advice for the prevention of substance abuse, promoting healthy lifestyles within the university community.

  • Learn more here: https://cusab.up.edu.mx/
  • mx_cusab@up.edu.mx and mazcarragaq@up.edu.mx
  • (55)54821600 Ext. 6430.
  • Location: Jerez 20, colonia Insurgentes Mixcoac.


SMART Center

In this space you can improve your academic performance or your learning techniques, you will find personalized advice and support to help you improve your grades, manage your time and handle stress. It also has other activities designed to develop your soft skills and make your projects a reality.

Its programs are: Success Center, Meeting Point, Advisory and Reload & Talent Development.


Learn more at: https://smartcenter.up.edu.mx

To complement your training

In the same way, at Panamericana we care about each student to enhance their talents through their integral formation. For this purpose, there is Vida Universitaria, where you can be part of:

  • University Community Service Office

If you like to get involved in social projects, you will be able to do so in this area. You will be able to support both with assistance and with the development of new plans.

Learn more here: https://compromisosocial.up.edu.mx/
Contact: 55 5482 1600 / Extension 6418

Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

  • Sports

Keeping healthy both mentally and physically is important, in this department you will be able to take classes and do sports activities in flexible schedules.

1) For representative teams contact: Luis Enrique Fuentes, lfuentes@up.edu.mx

2) For internal tournaments, classes and clinics write to: Fernando Andreu, fandreu@up.edu.mx

General contact: mx_deportes@up.edu.mx

Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

  • Art and culture

Focused on the artistic and cultural field, here you will find courses, workshops, seminars, instrument classes, as well as various performance groups that you can join such as: choir, theater and jazz band.

Contact: 55 5482 1700 ext. 6534, 6535, 6536


Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

  • Mapfre Community Center- Universidad Panamericana

By collaborating with this center you will be able to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the families of the town of Santa Fe through its programs and medical services, educational attention and as a children's dining room.

Contact: 5525918154



You can also create projects and express your voice with the Alumni Society (SAUP), UP Alumni and from the Student Council of your career.

  • UP Alumni Society (SAUP)

The objective of the Alumni Society is to listen and attend to the proposals of the students and the community, as well as to promote the university entity. 

Contact: Almudena Ramos Bolde - 0226110@up.edu.mx

Phone: 5540102468


Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

  • Outsiders UP

Foráneos UP seeks to create an ideal environment for students from the interior of the country.

Valeria Caballero Sandoval - 0236990@up.edu.mx

Phone: 5532371489

Take Care of your Wellness and Develop your Talent in the UP

Do not hesitate to visit any of these spaces!